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    So sorry Jean. I know that feeling of wanting to give things one more try. Do they know what is causing the CP's yet? Hopefully it's not ectopic.
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    Hi Jean. I guess I never responded to your thread in the first place. Sorry! I know what you mean about trying to avoid IVF....it was a really difficult decision for me. Despite what the doctors were telling me, I always had this little hope.....Sorry for all your losses and the recent CP. I hope it is not ectopic and that is resolves quickly on its own. Don't feel bad for wanting the extra chance before taking the step to IVF.....it's a big step and you've been so close, so many times. I will agree about the hormones, though, I know they make me somewhat irrational!

    Welcome over here at any rate. I hope you find support like I have when you start IVF.

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