Holy Crap! (child ment)

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Holy Crap! (child ment)

Ok, the "holy crap" is totally positive but crap!!!

I met with Robbie's teacher and the school psychologist for all of the testing results.

Here are the results:

Full Scale IQ - 136!!!!!! (99th percentile) - mine is 132 and Sean's 128. We knew he was smart but dang!!!
Verbal comprehension - 148 (99.9 %)!!!!!
Perceptional Reasoning - 134 - (99%)
Working memory - 111 (77%)
Processing speed - 106 (66%) - he distracts himself with talking out loud

(the test for those who care was the WISC-IV)

Then there were the reading tests.... CRAP!!!!!

Remember, Robbie had been in grade 2 for one month at the time of testing...

reading comprehension - grade equivalent - 6.6, >99%
reading decoding - ge: 4.8, 98%
spelling - ge: 4.2, 96%
written language - ge: 87%
math computation - ge - 3.4, 98%
math problem solving - ge: 4.3, 97%

so his reading stuff falls mostly in grade 3-4 levels with comprehension at halfway through 6th grade!!!!

Some of the comments that Robbie said during testing (and were including in the reports)
-favourite subjects - science and math, does not like gym because "I like to use my brain and gym does not have much brain stuff" Wink
-likes school, science "all the experiments", reading "all the words and stuff it can teach me"
-math can be occasionally difficult "what the attributes are for some patterns" (what 7 year old uses words like attributes :confused:)
-does not have homework often as he gets everything done in class, except home reading and home spelling practice (which to be honest we do not do a lot of as he always knows the spelling words so well).

There was a comment that during the grade 5 level reading he only scored 50% in retelling the passage. Considering that is 3 grades above grade level I am not concerned!


Holy Crap!

So, Robbie has an appointment with his therapist on Thursday so we will give them a copy of the report and have a copy for our family doctor. The school thinks that everything considered that CASA (where he sees the therapist and psychiatrist) will be able to deal with if he needs OT or not for fine motor delay.

We have an extremely smart cookie on our hands!

Also, the psychiatrist is putting him on a very low dose of liquid prozac. He said it was very good that we took him off the other medication when we did.

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Wow!! What a smartie pants! You must be so proud!!! Smile

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That is awesome!!! You should be SO VERY proud!! Biggrin Well done Robbie!!!

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You should be a proud mama!! I'm sure he gets bored in his classes though and probably neesd a bit of a challenge. Children mentioned...all 3 of my girls have tested way above their grade also. Last year our 5th grader (DD2) was testing at 12 grade+ level. She is also young for her class. Her bday is at the end of August. DD1 tests really high also but I think too much attention is paid to her and not enough to DD2's smarts by other ppl which I feel bad about so I always try to point out to ppl that she's a very smart cookie also. DD2 doesn't have to try at anything, it all comes natural. At conferences this year her teacher wants to challenge her a bit more because she notices she gets bored easily. She HATES math. I thought it was because it was difficult for her but she's getting an A+. She said "just because I'm good at something doesn't mean I have to like it." She also always gets her homework done at school like your DS. DH and I were just talking this morning that she can pretty much be good and do anything she wants as she gets older. She just has to put her focus on something. She's very artistic also. She doesn't like music so much though. She's good at it, but it's something she has to try at so she doesn't like it too well. With all 3 of our girls their lowest grade is an A- or B+ in handwriting. It frustrates me because I know they have A+ handwriting since I've seen it. Even their teachers talk about how horrible it is. They must've gotten their dad's doctor handwriting. I feel bad that I have nothing to do with their smarts though. Sorry I took over bragging also Smile

Glad your son's doc agreed with discontinuing the medication and is trying something else for him.

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Meg - be concerned about your daughters learning easily. I never learned to study (never did homework if I didn't get things done in class, did not study for tests) I was a straight A student all through high school (which for me went to grade 13 which was equivalent to first year university and no longer exists) and almost failed in University as I had no skills.

We are extremely proud of Robbie, and would be proud of him if he was an average student. We just ask that he does his best and try his hardest. We are also so lucky that Robbie's teachers make special assignments to keep him interested. In grade one he was doing book reports and science reports.

When I was in second grade I was reading at 7th grade level, I also started reading about 9 months before Robbie did. I was just over 3.5 years old when I started reading.

Robbie just started reading the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.

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I know what you mean Margaret. My violin teacher and I have discussed this before. Her adult children were very different from eachother. One did "ok" in school and did great in college because she knew how to study. Her other didn't have to try in school and did great and struggled in college. If everything comes easily then you don't learn how to study for something more difficult.

Wow! You were young when you started reading. Did you start naturally or did your parents work with you?

I hated school. I could've done better if I had applied myself and tried harder. I did enough just to get by and graduate. Some ppl love going to college, my sister being one of them. She has her bachelor's in nursing and is going to go back for her master's sometime. Me...I'm just happy to have my associate's degree in nursing. I had to study a lot to get good grades in college.

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"meggyrn" wrote:

Wow! You were young when you started reading. Did you start naturally or did your parents work with you?

I think it had more to do with my older siblings playing "school" with me, the next youngest is 8 years older then me. My mom was a reader but not like I am (I read about 10 books/week). I have no memory of my parents reading to me but I do remember my sisters reading to me. With Robbie I read to the bump. The nurses loved it in the NICU when I would sit reading books to Robbie.

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Wow Margaret! That's amazing! Smile