How long?

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How long?

DH and I were just told at the beginning of Oct that we'd need to undergo IVF. We decided that we'd at least wait till the beginning of the year, if not longer befoer we started the whole process. Obviously this is a HUGE deal and not something that should be taken lightly.

How long did everyone wait before they started IVF once they were told they would need IVF? There are just so many factors to consider. I'm ready to be PG now of course but we can't just jump right into this. We definitely need to pray about this and see where GOD leads us. We're aiming for 6 months from now so we'll see.

Also, I recently discovered that I have low iron. I was reading online that there may be a correlation between low iron and infertility. Has anyone else heard that? I need to start taking extra iron I guess and increase iron rich foods but I had never heard that low iron could affect your fertility.

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We were first told we needed IVF last year ('09) in September, and then again in January. We were not at all for it as we did not like the RE and his bedside manner. So we changed RE's and in July I needed a second Lap. After that Lap we knew we would do the IVF. I then had to wait for my next period which went MIA abut eventually arrived in August (after having taken Provera to no effect).

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We had an idea that IVF was our only chance, but since we had MFI we still wanted to try other options before making the decision. We gave the urologist a year to see if he could help us, but since nothing worked we went back to the RE and started cycling right away.
This is not an easy decision, take all the time you feel is right. Good luck!

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Welcome to the board. We only waited 6 months we were told we had MIF and our only chance would be IVF so we tried that and never made it to transfer. So I would take your time Ivf is a very emotional and expensive procedure make sure you both are ready to take that step.

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We were told once DH had another sperm anaylsis Dec 08. First RE meeting Feb 09. And did first cycle April of 09. IVF is emotional and expensive make sure you are both ready its not you dealing with it but also DH. Good luck

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**Pregnancy mentioned**

Our first meeting with the RE was in late July 2009. After our consultation, our RE said we had to wait to start any treatment until after I had a Lap to resolve stage 2 endo. After the surgery, my RE told us that I had elevated AMH and FSH levels. He actually suggested moving right on to IVF at that point, but would do no more than 3 injectable/IUI cycles if we wanted. We opted for the IUI route first because our insurance covered those at 100% and nothing for IVF. We started our first injectable/IUI cycle in November 2009. We did 3 of those cycles, all of which were unsuccessful. We started our IVF treatment in March 2010 with transfer in April 2010. It worked! I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant!

Infertility and IVF can be emotionally and physically draining. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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preg,m/c mentioned

We were told in Oct 2008 that we'd need to do IVF. Our RE didn't recommend IUI's as he said they wouldn't work, but we wanted to try up to 3 anyways. That way we would always know that they didn't work and never have it in the back of our mind that "maybe" it would've worked had we gone straight to IVF. Plus if they did work, it's a lot cheaper than IVF. We had 3 failed IUI's then decided to go to IVF. We did our first IVF cycle in March 2009 our second one in May/June 2009 and got pregnant but m/cat 9wks. After the emotions of the way that cycle ended we decided to take an about 8 months break to get ourselves back together. We did our third cycle in May 2010 then decided to call it quits. Never tell yourself it's not ok to take a break. You and DH may need one and it only makes the next cycle easier. Good luck!!

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We started right away due to hubby's age (39-40) and we were ready for kids.

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We got the news in May of 2008, and we started the process in January of 2009 with a transfer of 3 embryos in March 2009. See my siggy for the results Biggrin

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I think you're wise to wait until you are both ready. The process is draining (emotionally and financially) and you need to be prepared. I think it was about 8 months between when I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve (high FSH) and our first IVF cycle (which was unsuccessful) and then a few more cycles before our second IVF (also unsuccessful). I was glad that I had time to get mentally prepared even though I wanted to be pregnant as soon as possible. I strongly believe that stress influences the success rate. All that being said...I didn't want to wait too long because of my age (35 for my first cycle).

PG ment
We eventually lucked out with an injectable IUI cycle...

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That time frame is different for everybody...depends on when you and your partner are emotionally ready, when you are financially ready, depends on your age and your ovarian reserve, depends on how long you have been trying already, for some it depends on how many kids you have, etc. Make sure that you have a good REI doc that you are comfortable with...that can really help you through this difficult, but rewarding process.

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we were first told in dec. 08 that we'd probably need to do IVF....we did a ton of testing b4 we moved onto IVF, since it was male factor.... in May 09, it was clear that we'd have to move onto IVF for sure if we wanted kids..... which then began pills and acupunture for DH to see if that would do anything for him....we finally began the process in Aug. of this year.

Good luck and the process is not always'll never have enough money for it, you'll second guess when things aren't working, it's a real time commitment too....i remember when the nurse made a comment like i hope you don't have any plans for the next 1.5 months......