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HSG Update

So, I went in for the HSG today. You guys were right...it wasn't nearly as bad as I was making it out to be in my head. A couple of funny things...so I'm all laid out, catheter in and uncomfortable...and the light bulb goes out on the speculum. They then have to remove everything and start over. Once everything is in for the second time...x-ray machine doesn't work. I have to lay there for 15 minutes before they get it working again. I could have cried...

Radiologist says my tube looks good and open, but he didn't want to give me too much info. He said my RE will go over everything with me...next appointment is Wednesday, October 10th, which feels so far away...

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Glad the HSG wasn't as bad as expected. Sorry for all the equipment problems they kept having. I think the anticipation of it is worse than the actual procedure. Same with the injections when you get to that point. Glad that everything looks open. Hopefully the RE tells you everything looks good.

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Awesome that it is done and over with. Sorry about all the equipment problems. I think my RE does the hsg but not totally sure. Just waiting for AF so I can book my time.

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CRAZY! Glad you are ok... I didn't think mine was that bad, but we had no equipment malfunctions... just some minor cramping after...

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Oh Steph!!! That is crazy!! It is such a vulnerable state to be in but yet I would have been laughing to myself thinking "why do I have all the bad luck"!! Lol Well I am so glad that you're tubes are open and you will be able to get started. Yahoo Now on to the waiting game till Oct 10th. That is probably about the time I get my sonogram. Big month for us!!!