I'm back...

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I'm back...

Well hello everyone!

I started out on these bulletins in 2004 when we began TTC. In a nutshell, we had 3 ectopic pregnancies that eventually resulted in both tubes being removed and left IVF as our only option.

I have a daughter who will be 16 this year - I was in high school and go figure, no problems getting pregnant there. I also have a daughter who will be 4 this year, 2007's successful IVF.

So here I am - both my husband I are active duty. He is deployed to Afghanistan and I am getting ready to come off sea duty and plan to IMMEDIATELY start the process of FET. After shore duty, I am planning to get out so I can spend more time with my young ones! I am planning to start the process- BCP's and whatnot in Oct and then following along with the process hoping to complete a (successful) transfer at the end of November or beginning of December.

Basically, I am here for support and to support others- just as I experienced before and THANK EACH OF YOU! Because infertility is not easy but you all made it easier for me to handle and when I had questions, someone always could give me some type of advice which was helpful since NONE of my friends had a clue of what I was going through. I would also like any advice you have for me on FET's - success tips, timelines, what to expect, etc.

Thank you and look forward to stalking each and everyone of you!! Smile

PS: When I get back... I do plan to update my pics..lol.. they are a little out dated

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First off... Thank you, to both you and your husband, for doing what you do and keeping the rest of us safe.

Secondly, welcome back Smile You have definitely come to the right place, the ladies on this board are absolutely amazing. I'd be lost without them. I have no advice on FET, but I'm sure the other ladies on here will chime in.

I can't wait to hear your updates when you get started in Oct.


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I remember you! We both had successful IVFs in 2007. Don't you just love this age? Three year olds are hilarious (when they aren't being obnoxious).

I come here to lurk all the time so I'll be here when you go through your FET. Good luck!

We've had a child the old-fashioned way since our 2007 baby after my husband had a successful varicocele repair, but I'm planning to do a FET next summer most likely. We have 8 frozen embryos and I can't imagine not giving them a chance after they were made with so much effort and love. Biggrin

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Hey! Thank you for the welcome back (and for our service, although its hard being parents)!

And yes, I have seen some of the girls on here were on here when I started TTC back in 2004. Its exciting! And yes, Ariana is almost 4 and she is a ton of fun and so loving but the biggest handful! Wink

Glad to be back!!

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Hi There- welcome back! I don't think I was on here yet but I'm sure you are excited to move forward with FET in September! Please stick around and hang out with us while you wait. September is just around the corner!


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Welcome back! I would like to second (or third...) my thanks to you and DH. I am looking forward to stalking your cycle Smile

Best of luck!

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Good luck!! I look forward to following your journey. Welcome back!

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"waggner" wrote:

I would like to second (or third...) my thanks to you and DH.

I was on here a couple of years ago (after you). Just stalking people now. I hope your FET is successful!

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"bisksprout" wrote:

First off... Thank you, to both you and your husband, for doing what you do and keeping the rest of us safe.

Ditto. I'll be stalking you for sure!! I'm hoping to do a FET in January. Smile