Infertility success stories

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Infertility success stories

I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread with success stories. We've had a lot of them lately and it's nice encouragement for others to read. Feel free to post your IF story here for others to read. Even if you've been successful in the past, we'd love to hear your story. Thanks!

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I'll start!

DH and I are both 32. I have a teenage DD from a previous relationship. We began TTC in 2004 and between 2005-2006 we managed to have 3 ectopic pregnancies and have both my tubes removed. We started our first IVF Nov-Dec 2006 and found out the first week of January 2007 that we were successful and had DD in Sept 2007. We decided this year to go ahead and try an FET and see what happens. We both decided that while we really wanted to have another one, we were ok if it didn't work. We had 6 frozen embryos, thawed all - 4 survived, 2 did not. We transferred 3 and froze the single one until we decided what we should do with it. We have a positive on HPT and go in for our beta in 2 days! I honestly thought after my tubes were removed, I would never be able to give DH a biological child of his own... but I didn't give up and we were able to concieve thanks to IVF! Smile

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I have two success stories. Smile

After suffering from severe endo for years Dh and I knew the only way we would be able to get pg quickly was with IVF. In Oct 2007 we started our first cycle. I ended up bedridden with OHSS and had to freeze all of our embryos. We did a FET the following month (Feb 08) that ended in a m/c I was devastated but refused to give up or wait. As soon as AF showed we did a second FET that resulted in a singleton pg and an amazing son.

The second time I went to the RE for a FET (March 11) we ended up putting it off. I talked to my RE about my chances of conceiving on my own and he said there really wasn't a possibility, even with Dh's great test results. We decided to wait a year or so and do the FET then. However, 6 weeks later I took an HPT on a whim when I wasn't sleeping well and got a BFP. In 5 days we will welcome our little girl to our family.

With and without ART - we have been able to grow our family. But WITHOUT God - it never would have happened. Smile

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Jenn...I can't believe your little girl will be here in 5 days. Keep us updated over here!

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DH and I had been TTC for over a year without success when we decided to seek an RE consult. We did one IUI cycle in January 2011 which did not result in a BFP, shortly afterwards we found out DH's sperm morphology & count were not favorable. We decided to go directly to IVF for our next attempt. The whole process was not easy and it did not help matters that my father was very ill (he was hospitalized the day of our IUI trigger shot) and then died suddenly when we had just started our IVF cycle. Our family, especially my mother, was supportive with us going forward with the cycle despite all that was going on. We were able to retrieve 20 eggs and seven made it to blastocyst stage. After much debate, DH & I elected to only transfer one blastocyst on Easter Sunday and freeze the remaining embryos. We got pregnant from that first IVF cycle and got an early Christmas present when our son arrived on Dec 15.

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After DH and I got married in 2006, I went for my rountine annual in which my doc asked about TTC. I mentioned we hadn't prevented for 2 yrs. Since I had been PG with my ex Doc sent DH for testing. DH has anywhere from 0-2% normal morphology with any given test. So the RE told us to do IUI. We did 2 or 3(I can't remember) and then doc said we needed to move on to IVF with ICSI. During stimming I was on one of the highest doses of Bravelle and Menopur and only produced 4 eggs. Of which only 1 made it to a 3dt. I got pregnant, however m/c. We had no insurance money left so we were at the end of the road. We moved onto adoption. We were turned down for international adoption due to medical history. Then we adopted two embryos and were all set to transfer both but they didn't survive the thaw. Later we moved to domestic infant adoption. In October we were matched with our birthmom and our baby girl is due in the next 4 weeks. The adoption of our daughter is only possible because of God and we are so blessed to have her on the way.

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This is a great idea!!!!!

I'm a double success story.

DH & I married in 2004 and early 2007 we decided to start TTC but we were in no hurry. Well fast foward a year and still no BFP so we decided to start checking things out. We had DH's sperm count checked and it was at 5 million and we were recommended to an RE. We made our first appointment for May of 2008. DH had a testie that would fluctuate between hanging were its supposed to and ascending up into his body. Well it was killing his sperm count. We dropped down to 3 million with in a few months so we hurried to get the IVF started. We had 11 egg's harvested and 2 implanted on 3dt. Only 1 implanted and June 12, 2009 my sweet DS Joey was born.

None survived to freezing. So 2010 we decided we were going to want a 2nd child but had some things in our life to change before we were ready. It took us 10 months to sell our townhome and we finally did and bought our new home in Sept 2011. We had our first return RE appointment the same week. We started meds and moved forward and Nov 4 I had 16 eggs harvested. 2 went to blast and we decided to only implant one. We really didn't want multiples unless we had too. Well we got our second miracle and I'm preggo with our 2nd child. My due date is 7/30/11

I love reading all the success stories.

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I have a success story but didn't use IVF. I suffer from PCOS and we started trying to conceive in 2008 and after a year we decided we needed help. We did 3 rounds of injectables with timed intercourse in 2009 and they weren't successful. We moved to California after my husband got stationed here and we immediately tried again after being seperated for about a year between the move because of his training. We began trying in 2010 again. On our fourth timed intercourse plus injectables cycle we conceived twins. They were born February 18, 2011 at only 25 weeks. They are now thriving 10 month olds and we feel very blessed! Don't give up hope, be strong, and believe!!!!!

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These stories are soo beautiful and encouraging ! Thanks ladies

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I will post my success story here. Although, it is not an IVF success story. We ttc for 3 years after we were able to conceive our DS without..what no issues. It took us 9 months to conceive DS, but when we looked back, we did not use any contraception for over 3 years before we actually did conceive. Obviously, that means that we had issues we did not know about before attempting to ttc our second child. After about 1 year of ttc #2, we went to see a RE. Tests confirmed that I had issues with estrogen and progesterone. The progesterone issue was the result of low estrogen before O. So, we attempted 3 medicated cycles with timed intercourse. All were unsuccessful. I would produce up to 15 follicles, but only get about 2 to maturity. I had a lot of issues with extremely mild OHSS. Painful! During this time, I started taking supplements, cut out all refined sugar and flour, and began exercising. We took 18 months off between our third cycle and our fourth. I lost almost 40 pounds and was probably the healthiest I had been since college. Thanks to a fabulous pg. org member who donated their leftover meds to us, we were able to afford our fourth cycle. The RE decided that we needed to attempt a medicated IUI cycle. This was the best cycle we ever had. I did not have any overstimulation. I had only 4 follicles and only 1 was mature at the IUI. Apparently, we had one more mature because when I went back for an u/s at 6 weeks, I was pregnant with twins. Keira and Sarafina are now 2 and I will be eternally grateful for the support of members for letting me post about my struggles with fertility and for the donated meds that helped us conceive our beautiful girls. Biggrin

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I have two success stories. My cycles were crazy long after I stopped BCPs. I charted to try to time things out better once my cycles lengthened to 90+ days. It was frustrating. I went to an RE and did a few months of clomid. It did the trick for getting me to ovulate and we timed things perfectly, but still no BFP. My husband got tested and it was terrible news. His numbers were awful. The worst was that his morphology was 0%. The reason behind it was a large varicocele that we were aware of, but had hoped wasn't the problem. Anyway, we tried an injectables IUI cycle. I overstimulated, his count was terrible for the IUI sample, and a BFN was the result.

We were lucky that we had great infertility coverage so we decided to turn to IVF right away. My IUI BFN was in early July, our IVF consult was in August, and then the IVF cycle wasn't until November. It was a long wait! I responded well to meds, we did ICSI, and it was a BFP. I was so happy! At my second beta, the numbers hadn't gone up so that was the start of a drawn out miscarriage/suspected ectopic. I was a train wreck of emotions.

We decided to try IVF again. This time went even better. 22 eggs were retrieved, 15 fertilized (8 were frozen immediately), and we implanted 2 blasts for a 5dt. Our first child was born right at 40 weeks and is now a 4 year old that's currently sitting right by me watching Cat in the Hat. Smile

We never used birth control after having Mina and hoped to get lucky and get pregnant somehow, despite my husband's sperm issues. My cycles somehow regulated so we could even time things out. However, it didn't work and we didn't see the point in trying. Once again, we still had awesome insurance so we decided to try to get his varicocele repaired. We figured it was worth a shot, but probably wouldn't make a difference. A couple of months after his surgery, I decided to do OPKs and really give it a try. It was fun and weird to try to make a baby by having sex. Anyway, we were talking about him going in to get his retest to see if the surgery worked when we got a more obvious confirmation that it worked - a BFP. All I could say was "What?". I was so surprised even though we were trying. Our second child will turn 2 this month. She's the funniest kid ever. I did have a ton of guilt while pregnant with her because I knew so many people that weren't so blessed. Infertility issues never go away completely.

Now we're looking into using our remaining embryos sometime for a FET. If the FET doesn't work, then we'll try for a few months the typical way. I think I'd be okay with two kids and I'm scared to get obsessed with more and have it impact the two I have.

Good luck! Wow....this turned into a book.

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Six clomid cycles,
Three fresh IVF's,
Five or six FET's ( forgotten which!),
One baby with anencephaly,
TWIN girls,
Two miscarriages,
one last sweet singleton.
It only took 53 eggs and 36 embryos.
For some reason I feel kind of physically, financially and emotionally done right now but I'd do it all again from the beginning, even knowing how hard it was, if I was transported back in time at the start in 2004.

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I'm not entirely sure why, but it's been hard for me to post my story here. I think it's the fact that I get really emotional thinking about everything we went through before our DS arrived in our lives. It's been a couple of years now so some of the details are a little foggy.

We started TTC around Jan. 2007. I was 34 and started to get a little nervous when we hit the 6 month mark, but didn't really panic until the one year mark came and went. I scheduled an appointment with an ob/gyn in our town and asked for cd3 and cd21 bloodwork. Both were abnormal. My FSH was high (12.2) and my progesterone was

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"mrs.doolittle" wrote:

I'm not entirely sure why, but it's been hard for me to post my story here. I think it's the fact that I get really emotional thinking about everything we went through before our DS arrived in our lives. It's been a couple of years now so some of the details are a little foggy.

Beth, I still get emotional too. Just this week at my 2 week pp ob visit the receptionist asked me Kara's name and I started tearing up before I could tell her. I'm just overwhelmed at times by how hard it was to get my kids here and the miracle of their lives.

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I love success stories!! These are what kept me going through all that heartache!

DH and I have been together since high school (1996) Our DD was conceived unknown in 2001.
I was only 21, had no idea I was pregnant for 4 months. My periods were very irregular, no gained weight, or any other pregnancy symptoms. Alexa Nicole was born March of 2002. We got married that August & bought our first home. Three years later we started trying for a sibling. That June my FIL passed away from a massive heartache, so that put things on the back burner. By the end of 2005, and all those months of unprotected, nothing!
My OB referred us to an RE. The RE ran tests on both of us, DH everything came back fine, my bloodwork all good as well. Went for an HSG, then had LAP surgery for some adhesions.
3 cycles of clomid
Did 2 IUI's
3 medicated IUI's
May 2007-First IVF, put back 2 perfect blasts, nothing.
July 2007-second IVF, put back 2, pregnant w/singleton, miscarried at 7 weeks
January 2008-third IVF (last try) put back 3 blasts. pregnant with triplets :eek:
reduced to twins, developed OHSS, lost one twin
had my DD Brooke Ashley September of 2008, 2 weeks early & after 3 months of bedrest!!!