Infusion question (sister's m/c ment)

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Infusion question (sister's m/c ment)

Hi everyone --

My poor sister just went through her 4th m/c last month (4th over 4 years or so, 2 in the past 9 months), and she has been doing research about early pgcy loss. I remembered that some recent cyclers on here (particularly the ones that went to CNY Fertility) were given an IV infusion of some kind after transfer, and I was trying to remember what that was all about. Can any of you ladies who did that explain what that was and if you thought it was/would be helpful for someone with recurrent m/c?


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Preg ment
I had the intralipid infusion at CNY and it worked for me.
I had 4 failed cycles, 1 chem preg and 1 failed frozen.
It helps shut down your immune system so that your body does not reject the embryo.
How far along was your sister when she M/C? Has she had testing done to check her levels? If everything is normal, then I would say that the intralipid infusion is worth trying because it is not expensive.

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Thanks! That was it...

My sister had done several IUIs with her ex several years ago (1 chem and 1 ectopic pcgy) -- he had MFI and she had PCO symptoms (but not full PCOS). Since she split up with him, her cycles have become remarkably normal, so she was caught off-guard and accidentally got pg twice now w/ her BF. But the first time ended in a missed m/c at 5.5 weeks, the latest in a possible 2nd ectopic. So apparently getting pg isn't the problem so much right now as getting it to stick (and in the right place), so she is finding an RE and planning on getting an HSG and making sure everything otherwise is as it should be. But she is wondering about autoimmune problems and clotting problems, so that's what made me wonder about this infusion as something she could ask about, since I also remembered it wasn't very expensive and seemed to be worth trying. Thanks again!