Injectable Meds Cycle Questions

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Injectable Meds Cycle Questions

hi, I am starting injectable fertility meds tomorrow....the doctors haven't explained everything well to me or im just not understanding....i start lupron (hopefully tomorrow) and then meds to stimulate the ovaries then meds to release the eggs....does anyone know about how many shots or how long this usually takes or how long on lupron before starting the next step? i hate needles (im sure most people do), im just tryin to get a better idea whats going on i guess.

i have searched the internet and cant get a good handle on this stuff...i will ask my doctor again tomorrow but i was wondering if so many could explain it easier than him lol


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wow, you are going thru alot of stress being not prepared by your dr. You found the right place to ask for help though.

Are you doing IVF? Did you have a nurse injection class? Definatly write down all questions and ASK ALL of them asap. What med are you using besides Lupron?

I found this video very helpful as I was using two of the three meds discussed. If you are not using these meds i'm sure it will still help to understand procedures etc. There are no doubt videos from the manufacturers of other meds that you could find online.

For me, i've done three injectable/IUI's and one IVF. For my first IUI I had 7 days of injections, the second was 11 and the third was 8 and with IVF I did 10 days of injections. That doesnt include the hcg trigger which I did the day after my last stim inject.


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I'm surprised your doc hasn't better informed you of what to expect.

My 1st IVF cycle I was on lupron for 14 days before starting stims. I then stimmed 8 days, along with continuing the lupron. On the night of my 8th day I did a trigger shot (to mature the eggs) and had retrievel 2 days later. Here's a breakdown of dates of my 1st cycle almost 2 years ago.

Start BCP Feb 16
Start Lupron March 2 (along with BCP)
Last BCP March 8
Start stims March 16
Trigger shot March 23
Retrieval March 25
Transfer (5 day) March 30 (didn't happen though since embies arrested)

While you are stimming they'll have go for u/s and bloodwork every other day to check progress.

Hope I was able to answer some of your questions.

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[LEFT]I assume your dr didn't give you any info because it all depends on how you respond to the meds. At least I hope that's the ONLY reason you didn't get any info. Otherwise I would be calling up there daily for a little chat session with the nurse.

Your schedule will vary depending on how YOU respond, no one's cycle will be like yours. Not even your multiple cycles (God forbid you do more than one) will be alike most likely.

Don't be worried about the shots. The first one is the worst and that's only because the anticipation is worse than the actual injection. I think it took me about 30 minutes of pep talks (from myself to myself) to finally do it and I chickened out and had Dh give me the shot. It was painless - like I literally did not feel the needle. So trust me - the fear of the shot is worse than the pain of the shot.

Good luck - I hope this is your first and last injectible cycle and you get your BFP soon!