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Interesting article on

Did anyone read this?

The article talks about how blood types may affect your fertility and women with blood type O have lower and poorer egg quality. The study also showed that women with blood type O are twice as likely to have elevated FSH.

I find this so interesting. I went and checked on my donor card and I'm blood type O+. I think I may have finally found the reason for my infertility.

Anyone else out there who has DOR or high FSH, do you know what your blood type is?

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A+ here. I joke that even with my blood type, I'm an over-acheiver ROFL

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I am O too!! Very weird...

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Interesting.....I am O+ also. Although I haven't officially been diagnosed with DOR, AMH is lower than normal for my age. My last FSH on day 3 was 8, which I think is in range? Would be interesting if they did a full study on this.

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It is interesting and coincidental. I did figure out that the most common blood type is O, so that doesn't help the case. If it was a rarer blood type, then I could see it more.

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