Intro & fertility clinic appointment (child & m/c ment, x-post)

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Intro & fertility clinic appointment (child & m/c ment, x-post)

Hi. I am Margaret and DH is Sean. We are from Edmonton, Alberta. I just turned 43 and have had PCOS since I was 16. I also have stage 1 endo. We have a 7 year old son, Robbie. Just about 18 months ago I had a m/c @ 12 weeks (baby died at 8 weeks).

After a very long wait we finally were were able to get into the fertility clinic today. The RE we saw was amazing and gave us a ton of information and some hope for the future. His resident was also amazing, both gave us so much information and made me feel better about things. I was so nervous before the appointment. I was afraid he was going to say there was no hope in trying.

So, it looks like we will be doing IUI and injectables so I figured I would hang out here.

OK, just got home from the clinic. Appointment was for 3pm and finally left there at 5:30 - Pretty sure we were talking to the doctor for over an hour but lots of information.

So here is what is happening right now:

-blood work for both of us - hepatitis, hiv, etc
-blood work for me on day 3 - all the normal hormonal stuff
-standing hcg to be done on day 35 before taking progesterone - so no more cycles longer then 35 days before doing something
-sex 2-3 times/week - DH loves this one
-hsg - next cycle - last one was fine, no one has looked at my uterus to see if there is any issues....
-another sperm analysis for Sean (his last one was perfect)
-me - exercise 30 mins 5/week
-me - diet

-follow-up appt.

most likely IUI with injectables, he does not think that ivf is a way for us to go

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Welcome! It sounds like you have a good RE and got a lot of good information. I'll be starting the IVF process next month so I'll be following your progress! Smile

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Welcome! I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Finding a good RE is a huge thing in this proces. I'm glad he was able to answer your questions and give you hope to expand your family. Feel free to ask any questions. Most likely someone here will have an answer for you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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Hello! :wavehello: I'm Kate. I'm waiting on my first consult, so I know how excited you must be. I think having a plan of attack makes you feel a little more in control of this crazy journey. Glad you have a plan!!! Keep us posted on all your appts!

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Thanks for the welcomes! I should have said the the second part of the post was what I had posted on TTC 2+ years....

Meg: how they do things up here it was just luck that I have the RE that I do. There is only 3 to choose from and the clinic decides who you see... I have been told that all 3 are awesome. The doctors joked with hubby which helped him and at the end we all talked hockey Biggrin typical Canadians Wink

Stef: good luck with the IVF, the RE told me that I had about 20% chance of IVF working with a m/c rate of 50%, not great odds, he said that if I wanted to go with donated eggs then it might be a bit better, which is why we are going to try IUI.

Kate: my appointment today was crazy, felt like I kept telling the same story, first on the paperwork, then to the nurse and then to the doctors... the RE was really impressed by the surgical report that the GYN who did my lap for endo wrote. The appointment seemed to last forever but I received answers to questions before I even raised them.

The one piece of info that I was not given was the cost of IUI... will have to get it in the morning when I call for my follow-up appointment...the nurses had all left by the time I was done...

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Welcome! I've followed you a bit on the TTC+2 boards. So glad that you got some answers and a plan. Good luck w/ everything!