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introduction :-)

hi ladies,

i'm nicole. dh and i have been ttc#1 since august 2006, nearly 5 years. i used to be active on the infertility and ttc2+yrs boards back in 2008 while we were going through IUIs (4 total, 2 natural, 2 + injectables, all bfn), so i "know" many of you from back then. after leaving and manical ttc for a few years to literally reclaim my life and my marriage, i began lurking again early this year when dh and i decided to move forward with ivf. i guess i waited until now to rejoin (my old username roma318 is no longer valid) because i still can't believe that after 5 years we were finally moving forward with the big guns.

as for our IF details- i've had all of the major tests- hsg, lap, ect, numerous hormone level checks and of course dozens of SAs for DH. all of my tests are normal, and while dh has great counts and motility, his morph is low. however, none of our REs (past and present) believe it to be a major factor in our IF. so who knows? it just kills me because all of our docs say it doesn't make sense because we are of healthy reproductive age- me 32 dh 36- and live healthy active lifestyles.

we're doing long protocol but no bcp. so today is CD1, which means in 3 weeks i begin suppresion. as a complement to the ivf, i'm doing acupuncture and hypnofertility plus daily meditation (which i do already).

i am super excited but also scared as hell. dh travels a lot for work, which means i need to be able to give myself the shots which means i can't close my eyes and breathe deeply while someone else does it for me. my dog is pretty smart but i'm thinking even the tastiest of treats won't be able to help me teach him how to handle a needle Wink

anyway, thank you for reading and i appreciate how open and supportive this group is. i'm sure i'll have lots of questions as my cycle progresses... speaking of- any cyclers this june/july?


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Welcome Nicole!! You've had a long journey already and I hope it will end soon for you with great news. You'll do fine with the injections. Everyone is always so worried about doing them by themselves and then they do it and say it really was no big deal. I could do all of mine except the PIO shots. I'd drive 30 miles to my DH's work to have him do them so I wouldn't. I hope the accupuncture and meditation can relax you.

Things will start to move so fast once you get going. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Somebody will always have an answer. :goodluck:

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Welcome Nicole! :openarms:

I'm sorry that your ttc journey has been so long, but it sounds like you've done your research and you seem motivated and upbeat about IVF. I've heard great things about acupuncture in combo with IVF, so good luck and KUP!! :goodluck:

Also, I agree with Meg, the shots aren't as bad as you would think. At one point, I think I was doing ~9+ shots/day, all by myself. Wasn't a big deal at all. But the first shot was hard - more because of the anticipation than anything else. Like your DH, I also travel for work and was giving myself shots in the airport, airplane, hotel, etc. It was hard not to have DH right there for every shot, but you can do it!


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Meg & Christi-

thanks for the warm welcome! I appreciate the feedback about the shots- i'm sure you're both right. like many things in life, we are our own worst enemy in our minds.

i love acupuncture. i've done it on and off for a few years and it really helped me with poor sleeping and pms symptoms. i'm glad to be starting up again next week.


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Welcome! We've been TTC just as long as you. It feels like forever. My DH also has low morph...really really low morph. Our Doc said Morph plays a factor in IF. When sperm is the wrong shape it takes more for it to "unlock" the egg. Like putting a key into the wrong lock. That is how our RE explained it.


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Hi Nicole,

I remember you from back then! I'm sorry that your TTC journey has been so long. I'm glad you have decided to move forward with the "big guns". I hope this is it for you!! *HUGS*

The shots really aren't bad at all. I'm scared to death of needles but I've managed to give myself multiple injections a day (sub-Q... no intramuscular- thank goodness, I'd probably faint!). The sub-Q don't hurt at all... and once you get past the mental barrier they aren't bad. My first shot of any cycle usually takes me FOREVER! I get started about 45 mins in advance, LOL. I have to really psyche myself up for it. After the first one, the rest go pretty quick Smile It gets easier the more you do.

KUP on how things go and ask any questions you have. The ladies on here are spectacular! They are such an amazing group and are always willing to answer questions or share their experiences.

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Seems like you have been on quite the journey already!!!! Good luck Smile

I agree about the shots....they were easy peasy Blum 3

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Welcome! We've been TTC for the same amount of time. Glad you're moving forward with IVF. We have 5 snowbabies and now we need more money to complete the process since our insurance no longer contributes anything. Good Luck!