Introduction - loss mentioned

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Introduction - loss mentioned

It has been a very long time since I have been on these boards so I think I need to reintroduce myself.

I am Tara and have 3 very active boys at home. All are fertility babies.....just different degrees of treatment. I also have 4 angels in heaven. My last pregnancy was the result of IVF in October 2009, and it ended up a twin pregnancy. Unfortunately we lost 1 of the babies at 20 weeks. It has taken a long time to decided if I want to try again. I do want 1 more child........but the pain of that last pregnancy is still just under the surface.

I am heading out at noon today to meet with the fertility clinic where we have 3 frozen embroys left to consult on trying again. I am at the point where I think if it works with the egg transfer or naturally I will be good. I don't want to do treatments again......I will be 39 this summer! My body has all the sudden started working too.......4 cycles in a row where I have O'd on my own!! I have NEVER O'd on my own! lol

I hope to get to know you all on this journey! I have a very long history of TTC......I have had almost every test/situation arise before, during, and after my pregnancies.......(my ob says I should write a book!) lol

Glad to be back though!

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Welcome back!! I hope you either get pregnant on your own or your FET works. Good luck today and keep us updated!

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Welcome back! Good luck and KUP

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Good luck! I hope your TTC journey is short and sweet this time around! Biggrin

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So sorry for your loss. Sounds like you've been through a lot. I also have children already. Though I am sorry you are here on this board, it is comforting to know there is someone else out there doing this when you have a few already.... although I don't have any frozen embryos. Welcome back and good luck.....hope it happens quickly for you!

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Welcome back - I hope your stay is short and sweet. As I've mentioned many times, this board is a lifesaver, so good luck and KUP on your consult. :goodluck:

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Good luck on the FET, this is so exciting!!