It's about time I did an intro....(xp)
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Thread: It's about time I did an intro....(xp)

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    Default It's about time I did an intro....(xp)

    Hi everyone, I'm Sophia, almost 41 now (will be in April). I have one DD who just turned 3 years old and she is THE best blessing of my entire life. She was also a long time in coming, but this was b/c I had kidney disease which caused my kidney function to decline and therefore I was not allowed to TTC at all.

    In April 2006, after kidney failure and 2 wks of emergency dialysis, I received a kidney transplant from my husband, who donated his kidney. In November 2007, we were finally allowed to TTC. Took us 6 mths before we got a BFP in May. My pg was very uneventful, I had no problems, not even morning sickness. DD was induced at 39 wks due to my bloodwork being off and she being already term. She was born vaginally. My entire pregnancy went extremely well. So when DD was six months old, we decided to TTC #2.

    I have to admit that, with one child already, I really did not expect to ever be on this board. However it's taken over 2 years to TTC #2 and a couple of cp's happened and that was it. We decided to go to a fertility clinic in September and got more testing and transvaginal U/S and even an MRI. Turns out my uterus has fibroids, my right ovary a small endo cyst, and my left ovary a HUGE blood-filled endo cyst. My OB and fertility dr both believe the large cyst on the left ovary is probably the cause of my infertility. I saw my OB recently about the left endo cyst, what to do with it. She felt it was best to leave it since it appeared stable (ie. not growing in size), and get started on IVF. She had no concerns about the right ovary or the fibroids. We just got on the IVF waiting list...there is a 3-4 mth wait before we can start IVF. Sucks but what can you do? I'm looking forward to meeting everyone here and here's to hoping the wait for a sticky BFP is very, very short!
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    Welcome Sophia! I hope your stay here is short and sweet
    Me 30 & DH 38 - Married 02/21/2003
    TTC #1 since March 2008
    1st IVF - February/March 2012-Cancelled due to low response
    2nd IVF - March/April-BFN
    Surprise natural BFP on Mother's Day 5/11/2014

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    Welcome! Good luck and keep us posted

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    Hi Sophia, long time no "see". I hope the wait goes by quickly for you. Good luck!
    Jina (31)
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    DS - 1/31/13 - My IVF Miracle and the love of my life!!

    MC 8/24/10 @ 12w
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    CP 12/20/11

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    Welcome. You have had quite the journey. That is so amazing that your DH was able to donate his kidney to you. I hope things work out fast for you with IVF and you get your BFP very soon!

    Meg-30 DH-42

    2 IUI's-BFN
    IVF #1-cancelled d/t embryos arresting before transfer (3/09)
    IVF #2-BFP 9wks-7/30/09 (6/09)
    IVF #3-BFN (5/10)

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    Welcome and good luck Sophia! Hope time speeds up for you until you can get started.

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    I hope everything works out for you.
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