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Just popping in

It's been a while and I am no longer frantic about having a baby...I am having dreams about a son that my hubbyman and I are going to have. Yes I state that quite confidently don't I? I found out most recently that IUIs happen in my neck of the woods which makes things so very much cheaper than having to leave and perhaps head to Alaska or south to BC. For now we are hoping that comes about, first I must book a Dr appt to find out if she can refer us for one or two of these IUIs. I am feeling hopeful and feeling a whole lot of peace about everything Biggrin

Just wanted to share with you all since I left quietly...as always :oops:



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Vanessa! It's so good to hear from you! I'm glad to hear that you've found some inner peace - I think that's important with all the frantic-ness that comes with IF. Good luck and keep us posted on the IUIs. :bigarmhug:

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Vanessa, it's great to hear from you... I was wondering about you. I'm glad you have a plan and have found some peace regarding IF. It's such a rollercoaster. I need to find some of that inner peace!!!

*HUGS* I hope you keep us posted on how things go.

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Glad to "see" you back here. I found peace about a year ago with my IF. Hoping you can do some IUI's and your first one is succesful.

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Thanks ladies!!! :bigarmhug:

Well I have started to take my prenates again and hubbyman is taking more Vit C, E, Zinc and Selenium in the hopes of helping his swimmers!

I just have to make that Dr's appt and find out about the IUIs....

Biggrin :D