Let the stimming begin!!

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Let the stimming begin!!

yesterday I started stimming...300 gonal f, 150 menopur, and 5 lupron! BW will be monday, wednesday and friday (u/s too on Friday)

Hope long did you stim for? I know everyone is different, seems like i stimmed for about 10 days when i did IUI.


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YEAH Rachel!!! Now the time will fly by! I did anywhere from 9-11 days of stims.

KUP on how you are doing!

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Good luck!! I stimmed anywhere from 8-10 days. Keep us posted. This time will fly because you will be so busy with appts.

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Good luck!

I can't remember how long I stimmed but I remember I had to drop my dose at every appt b/c I was overstimming.

KUP on your progress.