Looking for encouragement (pg/children ment)

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Looking for encouragement (pg/children ment)

I had a FET last Thursday and I feel like I'm going to loss my mind waiting. My blood test is 12/31. I cheated and tested yesterday and today both VERY negative. I am sooo afraid this didn't work. I did my first round of IVF 4.5 years ago and got pg with my twins so the egg we transferred was frozen since then. I lost it today after everyone left for and bawled. I am so emotional. I have been having pg symptoms but if they where really pg symptoms wouldn't the test be positive? Has anyone every done IVF and taken had a test that was negative at 4 days post transferred that was positive later? (I got my first faint positive with my twins at 4 days post transfer)

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I cant help you because I did not test until at least 10 days post transfer. I can tell you that when i was pregnant with DS, a singleton, my period was a week late before my test was positive. Give it time. I doubt any emotions you are feeling could be attributed to a pregnancy at this point. Nothing like the stress of an FET and the holidays... Are you taking progesterone?

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"neoncandle" wrote:

Are you taking progesterone?


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It seems to me it may be too early for testing. Most women have negative HPTs at 4 DPT. So there are many women who had negative tests then and then a positive beta later. There are women who have had a negative HPT and had a positive beta a few days later. Also with twins you'll have a positive test earlier because your betas will be higher. Since you are doing PIO it can mimic pregnancy symptoms. Good luck and hang in there!!!

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Agree with the other ladies. I think you are testing too early! Were you a 3dt or 5dt? There is a website that tells you based on your transfer (whether 3 or 5 day) when implantation occurs and HCG is released. Hope that helps you out! Lots of baby dust to you and KUP! :fairy: :fairy: :fairy:

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