Looking for thoughts on this... (Children ment...)

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Looking for thoughts on this... (Children ment...)

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been around to much lately but I lurk to check on everyone every few weeks. I'm a graduate of the IVF board. I found an news article on my local news website that really actually made me frustrated and as other people that understand IVF I was curious what you thought about this...


Just in case the link doesn't work I will explain it. Pretty much this woman did IVF about 5 years ago and had 2 snow babies. She had 3 separate pregnancy's and 3 children from it. 2 girls and 1 boy. I think the ages are 4 1/2, 2 and a new born. She is running around telling the media that she is the Mom of Triplets that were born years apart.

I think the reason I'm upset about it is that IVF has enough of a problem in the media with the likes of Nadia Suleman and others. We fight so hard to get rid of the stigma attached to IF and then someone comes along and looks like a fool for the whole nation to see.

Curious about your opinions!!

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I think this story is silly as well. I think any mother of triplets would tell you that lady is not a mother of triplets. Hilarious. And a horribly produced story.

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I agree with you both. There are probably thousands of families out there who had FET's with siblings "conceived" at the same time so I doubt this person's story is unique.

I agree about the whole media portrayal also. It seems like they are trivializing infertility and the IVF process a bit, when we all know it is a very difficult road to be on.

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I agree with everyone else. Thats not triplets. Triplets is being pregnant with three at once... not having three that are insemenated at the same time...

Its kinda funny b/c something similar happened to my aunt. She had IVF done with some embies that she froze. She got pregnant with her first from the fresh cycle and froze the rest. Then her second child was a natural pregnancy and her third child was a result of the snow babies from her first cycle. So we always kinda joked that her third child was older than her second because her third was technically conceived before her second... but it wasn't any kind of claim that we made to the media or anything... just something we giggled about as a family.