Lots and Lots of tests......

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Lots and Lots of tests......

This is very dysfunctional- the amount of tests I have taken :bigwink: The first ones start from 3dp5dt
The Frer is from 4dp5dt

These are from last night, this morning, and oh about 10 minutes ago....

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Beautiful lines!!! Congrats!!

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hmm...couldnt see the last 3 so here they are again...Still cant see them..Oh well..you get the point Wink

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Ha, that's like half of what I took! LOL

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Thats a beautiful line!!!! Congrats!!!

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You started testing at 3 days past a 5 day embryo?! And got a nice line on FRER at 4 days past?!! OMG!!! You are going to make me go out and buy a ton of tests LOL DH told me not to cheat, but I have to ... he told me I am so impatient and he is so right!! Since I did an FET, I didnt have an HCG trigger shot so I am confortable testing the only thing is if I see a negative, I feel like I am going to prob freak haha

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I did start testing at 3dp5dt and could see something so I tested over and over and over and got very frustrated because I was going cross eyed and I chalked it up as an evap- I was testing with IC only at that point. Then when I tested on day 4 I saw something on a frer in the morning and by night it had darkened up a lot(the one in the picture). On day 5 I actually tested with a digital and was sick when it said not pregnant! Not sure what was wrong with that test because my numbers should have been high enough then seeing what they are today. I must confess the tests above are only a small sampling of how many I actually took! I bought 50 IC so I had to use them three times daily to check the progress !!

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Sorry I'm late to the party...

(pg ment)

Congratulations!!!! Yay! I am SO excited for you... You're pregnant! Yay! I was like you- I took about 15 tests in 4 days. But mine weren't ICs- they were FRERs and digitals that told how far along you were. I didn't care how much I spent or how crazy and disfunctional it was- I had been waiting in those lines for years and to be honest I was in disbelief... And at 23 wks with trips, with a huge belly, weekly ultrasounds, constant fetal movement and now kicking from the outside, I still am in disbelief. I still poas from time to time. So... Don't ever feel bad for wanting to experience this moment over and over again- this is YOUR time! Enjoy it!