Lupron- Headache

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Lupron- Headache

UGHH My head is KILLING me. I feel like I've been having headaches on and off since a few days after starting the lupron. I vaguly remember getting them last time. I did a little research on Lupron and Headaches and thankfully it looks like I'm not alone. But I noticed people talking about not taking advil during the IVF cycle. I am going to call my RE tomorrow and check. I know once preggo advil is a no no but I don't remember it before hand. Does anyone remember this off hand.

Good news. I started my antibiotic today. Also I start stims tonight!!! So excitted!!!

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I remember having headaches a bit more while I was on lupron. I get headaches anyway. I didn't take any ibuprofen/advil while I was going through any of my cycles. I think I tried to stay away from any type of meds just because I didn't want to take any chances of it doing anything. I maybe did Tylenol, but that was it. I can't remember for sure.

Yahoo for starting stims tonight!! When is the targeted ER date?

ETA...what always help me when I get a headache is a warm pack over my eyes. Idk where your headache is but I always get them behind my eyes. Also if you can convince DH to give you a head/neck rub, that helps also. Even now I only take ibuprofen if it's REALLY bad and I'm not ttc. I used to have really bad headaches and went to a neurologist to find out I was getting rebound headaches from taking too much ibuprofen. It's like your body going through withdrawl. Didn't know one could get addicted to OTC medications.

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Sorry about the headache. I think I'm to start Lupron on Thursday. I'm 2 days into Follistim (take my 3rd shot tonight). Good luck w/ the stims! It's about to get super exciting around here!!!