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Medicine Question

Okay so I got a call from the pharmacy a while ago and they told me the insurance had approved all my meds and when did I start? I was like "um, I don't know." I felt like an A**! All I know is that I go Tuesday for bloodwork (hopefully that's counting on my period coming on time) and that same morning I have IVF class. That's all I know right now.

When do you start the injectibles and the other meds like clomid. Im soooo lost right now. I was just assuming everything will be told to me that day. WHich if I'm not mistaken that's why I was told.

Are these injections painful by the way. I'm friekin out over them!!!???

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You can just call and ask the clinic. Everyone is on a different protocol (mine did not involve clomid) I didn't think the injections were as bad as the seemingly every other day blood draws. This is like a marathon and you are just going to have to take it one step at a time or it will be overwhelming. After trying to conceive for 2.5 years, focus on the positive... you are finally doing something that might actually work.

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It is overwhelming at first. They way it works at my clinic is that you go in on day 3 of your cycle or somewhere around there for baseline bloodwork/US. They want your hormones in certain ranges and are checking for cysts. If it is all good, then they have you start stims. It feels like you wait forever, then all of a sudden, they tell you to start. The same thing happened with my meds....they just wanted to know when to ship them. Just plan on the earliest day you might need them and make sure they ship it by then. I ended up having mine a few days or a week early.

The injections aren't bad, just weird to do at first. I did them all in my belly. They don't really hurt, just a quick prick.

Good luck, you will do fine.

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Yep, I'm sure they are just asking so they know when to ship them. Everyone clinic has different protocols. Some you take BCPs for a while and some protocols you don't. What mine always did was I'd call on my first day of AF and then they'd set up a calendar from there with everything. Glad your insurance approved everything!

I didn't find the shots painful. Menopur/Repronex burns a bit going it but I always just injected it slowly and that seemed to help. Lupron and Follistim were no problem.

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Injectibles really at their worst are a pinch...and this is from someone who HATES needles, can't look at them! During the entire stimming period, I had to poke myself up to 4-5 times over the course of a day. Didn't like it, but it wasn't bad at all. I also injected on my belly...since I have a lot of fat there. *ahem*

My clinic had me go to my insurance (employer extended health) to confirm if they would pay for certain meds, which they did. It's no big deal if you couldn't answer your insurance company's questions, I think. Your RE probably just wanted to make sure that the meds were or were not covered prior to your treatment, that's all. If you're concerned, don't hesitate to ask your dr.

Good luck! You're getting closer to starting treatment!!

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By the way, you'll be fine. The injections are no big deal. And have a decent chance of being worth it.

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thanks for all the info! I hate needles too but at this point I would try anything... Smile