Meds ordered!

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Meds ordered!

My meds will be here next Tuesday. I talked with the IVF coordinator on Monday. The plan is that I'll come in for a baseline on Tuesday (prayers for no cysts but I have a feeling I have one :(). I'll start my Lupron on Wednesday while still on the BCPs. Go back for a CD3 baseline the following week or so. Then it's time for the "big guns" after that. We are still on track, for now, for the week after Easter. Time doesn't seem to be dragging as much this time but I have things that are keeping me busy. Our 7th wedding anniversary is Monday and DH has already said "no presents" ROFL but I might be able to sweet-talk him into some flowers at least Wink Plus work is still crazy-busy. And, I've caught the "Hunger Games" fever. Anyone else read or reading those? I finished the first one in a few days and am going to get the 2nd and 3rd this afternoon. DH wants to read them too so maybe he'll go see the movie with me. I might just have to go see it by myself!
I'm still thinking and praying for all of you here, especially those who have experienced some not-so-great things lately.

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Yahoo It's so fun to get the meds. I had a cyst my last cycle. They just watched me a little closer. I haven't read the Hunger Games but I want to. They are always checked out at the library so I haven't gotten a chance to get one. I hope your DH will go see the movie with you.

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Oh yay! How exciting! Biggrin Happy anniversary! Oh and I love the Hunger Games! I can't wait for the movie to come out!

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Yea on new meds coming! Happy Anniversary also! I haven't started on Hunger Games yet....thanks for the recommendation :). Thinking of you for the upcoming cycle!