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Hi ladies! I've been a horrible Mod over the last few weeks and I wanted to apologize. I have been super busy on vacation and trying to get the house and nursery under wraps before my life is sucked away during internship that starts this Monday. :eek: We are still waiting to be matched but other than that staying very busy.

I will be catching up on here. Because I am busy doing so much right now if there is anyone who would like to co-mod this board please let me know and I'll get with Missy.

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I've been communicating with Missy about co-moding.

Good to "see" you back here. You shocked me when you wrote "nursery", I thought you had some news for us. Hopefully you get matched soon.

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Glad to see you back. I hope you get a match soon!! KUP!

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Good to hear from you!! I also was caught off guard by the "nursery" comment! Hope you get a match and have a LO to hold in your arms soon. :goodluck:

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Keping fingers crossed that you get matched soon! Good luck! KUP! What type of internship are you doing?

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Hey girl!!!! I was just thinking of you the other day! I can not wait to hear the news of you being matched Wink