Micro (or mini) IVF question

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Micro (or mini) IVF question

i have unexplained infertility. one of the RE's we've seen suggested going strait to IVF after our failed IUI's and lack of diagnosis after much testing.

we have recently discovered the micro IVF which uses less meds to stimulate less eggs. we do qualify as candidates for this but i wanted to know if anyone else has tried it and can contribute any advice.


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Hi Kadibug..

From what I was told Micro-Injection is used when the sperm survival test results come back weak - which means that basically that not enough sperm survive outside of the body for the fertilization. In my case they fertilized 4 eggs with the sperm using Micro-injection as this ensures 100% that fertilization occurs. Basically they inject into the egg directly so much less room for error or failure.

I have yet to give you a solid answer as to whether it worked or not for me - my transfer shall be next Friday but shall definitely keep you posted.

From what you write, we seem to have a similar case of unexplained infertility - I had gone through 3 cycle of Artificial insemination till I got to IVF and was never able to actually go through with it the first time around as I got severe OHSS.

I say go for it and don't waste time - even with IVF there is a chance for failure and repeat tries so ... no time like the present! My Dr was very positive about Micro-injection ...

Hope that helps - keep an eye on my posts as I shall be updating everyone soon with what happens Smile Hopefully my story shall be a success and you can use it as motivation to go through with it!

Best of luck!! Smile

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Are you talking mini-IVF where they use low doses, sometimes even just clomid, and retrieve a few eggs? I think the hopes of this is that they stimulate you with real low doses and hope for good quality eggs. I've read that you may have to do a couple cycles of this to get enough embies to transfer. I looked into, but don't have anyother experience other than research.

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meggyrn and clarinette -

thanks for letting me know what you know about micro IVF. i am asking about the process which uses less meds to induce eggs, something like clomid. the rest of the procedure is like any other IVF. we're meeting with the RE on tues. to discuss this. i read on some blogs and forums that my infertility clinic might not offer micro IVF, so we plan on going to one that does offer micro IVF. since it's all out-of-pocket, we can go to any clinic that offers it.

i can't believe it's come to this - IVF! i'm sad. why can't i just have kids?! why is it so complicated and such a mystery?! makes me mad.

thanks again!

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