Moving ahead w/IUI

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Moving ahead w/IUI

So we dropped off our SA today and she said if it looks good, then we will continue as planned. It takes a week to get back. So currently I am CD 20. CD 3-5 will be my baseline ultrasound and then start Clomid. I will have a couple more u/s to be scheduled after baseline and then trigger and iui. After I left, I had a bunch more questions. So I'm hoping you all know. What is the trigger? Does the RE do it or do I do it myself? I'm hoping that it all times up when I am off work. Crossing fingers! After IUI, did you all work or take the day off? Any experience or input is appreciated! Smile

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The trigger is HCG and it is a needle you give yourself - I get to give myself needles for 14 days! 36 hours after you have the trigger they do the IUI. For me the RE does the first IUI and then any other is the nurses that do the IUI. They told me that you stay laying down for 10 minutes and then you are good to go. Personally, if I am working at that time I think I will take the day off. I was told the IUI could take 45 mins - 2.5 hours. I think part of that is the sperm washing and it could be how many procedures are being done that morning.

My clinic gave me a bunch of paperwork (second copies) and when I go for my baseline they will go over everything again and I will get a 3rd copy of everything.

So excited for you! Lots of baby dust!

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Yep...Margaret is right. We would always go in and DH would do his part, then leave for a while an come back after the washing was done. After we were back the whole procedure took probably 10-15 minutes. I laid flat for a few minutes and was good to go and could resume normal activities. I'm sure I was a little paranoid about keep everything up there. I didn't have to trigger with any of my IUI's. I just took the Clomid then did OPK and called and set up a time once it was positive. That's a long time for the SA results to come back? Why does it take so long?

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Congrats! I agree with what others have said. Ours were in the morning. DH would get have to get there about 30 mins earlier. It was about an hour or so later that we would be called back. The nurse always did ours. I took the rest of the day off but would resume normal activities by the next day just more cautious. Good luck and KUP.

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DH actually gave me my trigger. It's a pretty straightforward shot- you usually have to mix it right before, or I've heard of the nurse at the RE mixing if you want them too, you just have to refrigerate it after it's mixed. For my IUI cycles, my tigger was always a subcutaneous shot- which is just below the skin and has always been painless for me.

For the actual procedure, RE just had me lay for 5 minutes then I went right back to normal activities.

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Alright!! Hope it goes well for you. It is so nice to feel like you are doing something. We always did a trigger with our was nice to know the timing should be right.


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Thanks ladies for sharing with me your input and experience! I'm 10DPO right now. AF is due Nov 11.