MTHFR and PAI tests XP

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MTHFR and PAI tests XP

I'm waiting to hear from the doc, but during a workup for IVF, they ran a PAI and MTHFR panel on me because of my recurrent losses. (Four in 3 years)

Turns out I'm compound heterozygous for MTHFR - I have heterozygous A1298C AND heterozygous C677T along with PAI 4/5.

From what I've been able to figure out so far, the C677T and the PAI 4 specifically both put me at a significantly higher risk for miscarriage.

I can't express how angry and sad I am to find out that what's been blamed on "advanced maternal age" might have been something treatable.

I'm meeting with the nurse tomorrow for something else, but hopefully she can shed some light on this for me & or give the doc a call so he can call me & give me some answers and information.

Anyone else dealt with, or even heard of, this?

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I have not dealt with this but it sounds similar to what Liz has been dealing with. I know that for her the treatment is taking 5mg of folic acid and progesterone after ovulation. I am not totally sure if that is what she has and with being dyslexic I often get stuff mixed up but whatever she has caused repeated losses.. I really do hope that it is something that is easily treated.

Tiffany is a doctor and may be able to give you more information or point you in the right direction.

Sorry that you are dealing with this. I am AMA and would be so angry if all my issues were said to be just because of my age and not the PCOS and Endo.


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I'm sorry it took this long to find out the cause of your losses. Sounds like you should've been tested for this a while ago. The positive of this is that you now know a cause. I've never dealt with it so I have no advice. I've heard of women doing blood thinners during pregnancy so help with loss. Don't know if it was for that or something else. I hope you are able to get some answers from the nurse.

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I think Kara has by far the best response here. I just feel so bad you have been through miscarriages. I felt lucky that even though hubby and I had infertility, it was just that we couldn't get pregnant. No false hope ever. -Tiffany

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Hi Carole.
I am also compound heterozygous for MTHFR mutation. I have completely conflicting information about it. My RE tested it as part of a repeated loss panel (2 early m/c within 6 months). Didn't even tell me about the MTHFR result, at all. I only found out about it when I got my records to transfer to the OB at 12 weeks (7 months after the testing was done!). The RE places no stock into it whatsoever. He said it is a variation that 20% of the population has and research has shown no connection to pregnancy loss. The lab paper with the results had all sorts of scary things on it. He prescribed extra folic acid "for peace of mind" and I started taking baby aspirin-at 12 weeks pregnant. My OB was much more concerned and considered lovenox, but then decided the baby aspirin was enough.

The thing is, I had two pregnancies/births and no miscarriages prior to the two miscarriages and I made it to 12 weeks with this pregnancy without any extra treatment. I've had MTHFR all along. Maybe it's one of those things that just turns on at some point? Or it has to be in combination with something else? I have multiple risk factors for having miscarriages-age, endo, badly damaged tubes and we'll never really know what caused my two losses. However, I have a friend who had 3 pregnancy losses after seeing HB, was diagnosed with MTHFR, put on lovenox and then conceived/delivered two healthy babies after that.

I don't know anything at all about the PAI tests so no input there.

Have you met with your doctor/nurse yet? Did they have any advice for you?