My appt today.

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My appt today.

Well he is an excellent doctor!! Smile

It took a little over and hour to see him so we were starting to get really mad but it was worth the wait. OMG, so many things.
First off I had to promise him I wouldn't get pregnant. LOL! He made me promise because he said there are A LOT of different tests he is going to have me do. Even my heart will be checked. He is focusing mostly on my uterus post fibroid removal. It looks like he may be leaning toward surgery having caused a problem OR my uterus is actually not shaped correctly. I will be getting the cerclage at 12 weeks when i become pregnant BUT he doesn't want me to do IVF. He said there is a high risk of preterm labor with IVF. So when I explained to him that my husband also has issues and getting pregnant naturally was nearly impossible he said we will discuss it further later and then he said he may want me to try IUI instead. I don't see that happening to be honest but we will see when we get there.

I'm a tiny bit disheartened because I feel this has opened a door to a now longer wait and we've been at this so long that IDK, I was hoping it would be quick. BUT at the same time it is for my benefit and I must find out if there are any underlying problems first. I definitely don't want to go through that again and he told me that he is confident all will be fine so that makes me happy.

All in all, the marathon of tests will starts within the next 2 weeks. Not looking forward to it because I'm scared to find out that something maybe wrong and it can't be fixed.

Well sorry so long... I guess I have to move onto another forum since IVF at the moment is out of the question. Sad

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I'm glad the doctor was able to answer some questions for you. I'm sure you feel very frustrated that things may take longer but it will be the best in the end. Even though you are not doing IVF, you are still welcome to stick around here. last IVF cycle was 3 years ago and I'm still here.

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aww thanks! I really do feel at home here! So I will def. stay if you guys will have me. Smile

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Always welcome here!! Hugs... I hate delays but as Meg said I hope it pays off in the end!

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"Mari626" wrote:

aww thanks! I really do feel at home here! So I will def. stay if you guys will have me. Smile

I never did IVF or IUI (since my cycle was cancelled before the IUI happened) and I am here. We would miss you.

Sorry that things are going to take a bit longer. The tests that I had done were all over in a couple of months and it is best to know what is going on with your body. Hope it all helps.

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It is frustrating to have to wade through all the tests when you feel so ready to just start. Hopefully, these tests will give the team the information they need to help you best. And I echo all the pp about sticking around here Smile


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Mari - I know I have mixed feelings about IVF too. When you are trying to have children at a certain time, IUI just seems like it will take FOREVER. However, there are more genetic issues and complications with IVF babies. I am in a group with a bunch of ladies that had twins in January, needless to say many of them IVF, and there are a lot who have issues possibly related to IVF. That said, I'd do it again in a heartbeat...


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Thanks! You know I honestly don't think that I have any other choice but to do IVF. And I just find it annoying that he makes that assumption without having a clue what my fertility history is. Let alone, my husbands fertility issues which are very significant.
Yeah I guess I can't complain because I wouldn't want to get pregnant anyway without having as much information as possible. The last thing I want is to have to go through this again, so it is for my own good and any future baby that I hope to have!!

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