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my cycle update

Hi Ladies,

I started Suprefact (Lupron) on June 27 and did daily shots of 50/iu. I was busy with work and a houseguest, plus traveling, but I had minimal side effects. The 2 biggest ones were super dry mouth (and I drink TONS of water every day) and hot flashes at night. But you guys were right about the shots- really so much easier than I expected.

BTW- I'm in Singapore so I'm 12 hours ahead of East Coast time, it's Wednesday afternoon here.

On Monday July 11, I went in for BW/US and doctor said everything was good to start stims. So starting Tuesday my Suprefact is lowered to 20/iu/day. I started Gonal-F (the pen) on Monday, too, 150/iu. Immediately, after the shot I felt tenderness in my abdomen. Last night (tues night), I felt crampy and gassy and still do. Also, I'm spotting some. But I'm not sure if this is left-over from AF or what. Today is CD8 so usually AF is done by CD6-7. I called RE office about the spotting and they said it's not "normal" but that it does sometimes happen. If it gets heavier I'll call back, but to continue with the shots.

Have any of you had spotting with Gonal-F? I can deal with cramps, tenderness and gas, but I'm concerned that if the spotting continues my lining will be too thin... or am I just over-analyzing?

Also, I've been doing acupuncture once per week since the beginning of June and now twice per week starting this week. I've done it off and on over the last 3 years and it is so relaxing and energizing. My doctor specializes in fertility and women's issues so I'm hoping this can help our chances.

thanks Smile

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Glad to see your cycle is progressing. I don't ever remember spotting during stims. I think everyone over-analyzing everything since we have no control over anything. When do you go back for another u/s? They should check your lining then. Glad you find the accupuncure relaxing. Anything to help you relax is good.

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I'm glad to have someone cycling close to me! It sounds like everything is totally normal to me. Cramps, gas, bloating...yup-good old hormones! I mentioned this on my other post, but I had some spotting for 3 days or so when I first started stims this cycle (can't remember my last one). I still had a little when they did my first US, and my lining was fine even with that.

I did acu for my last cycle and was able to see the US where it showed my uterine blood flow had improved after only 4 once-a-week sessions, so I really think it helps with that among other things.

Good luck and KUP!!