My Invitro experience

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My Invitro experience

I am about to go through in vitro fertilization as suggested by my OB. I have unmanaged Type 2 Diabetes and I have been having a real hard time being pregnant. I am just unsure what to expect. I have heard of it before but have not really paid so much attention. I'm not sure even what to ask... whew!:confused:

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Hi. So sorry you have had such a hard time getting pregnant. Sad First visit can be a little overwhelming as you are going to go over all of your history including your husbands. You are going to get A LOT of bloodwork and possibly ultrasounds done. After everything is completed you will go back and you will meet with the dr to determine what the next step will be. Whether it's IUI or IVF. Oh and your husband has to have a semen analysis done as well that's very important.

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PP addressed things very well. Do some research and make sure you write down all the questions you want to ask your RE. If you don't, you'll forgot as it can all be overwhelming. Good luck! Feel free to ask any questions you have here also.