my little friend

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my little friend

almost ruined my day.

Thats what i've named my cyst... my little friend. She is always there just hiding out in my pelvis. Every new RE I meet has a different opinion on it, don't touch it, drain it, remove it...

I had a moment of panic rush over me when a new RE did my baseline u/s today and said "we may have to delay treatment due to your cyst".... NO NO NO NO NO.

It has grown but not significantly to just under 4cm.

I immediately tell him that 'my little friend' has been there ever since we started ttc over 4 years ago and it has been decided to leave it alone and keep ttc. Fortunately he spent a few min going over my entire chart, reading lots of different things and then asked me what my RE said about it and then says ok we can continue. I think I held my breath the entire time he was going over my chart.

DH and I are going to watch the dvd again tonight and he will give me the shot. I'm on 150 of Repronex which is the same doseage I was on for my last superov that got me 3-4 follies. There were probably 5 more between 10 and 15 though so hopefully with the Synarel I will get a fair amount of eggies.

Today the RE measured 7 'tiny' follies and my E2 was 88.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fingers crossed Deborah!! Your little friend sounds like a little pain in the bottom!

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Good luck to you as things get started!! Glad to hear the RE took time to read over your chart. I'll be stalking you :)!

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I was just getting on here to stalk you! so excited you are finally getting started! Time flies once you start taking the meds!

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YAY Deborah!!! I'm really praying for good things to come for you - even if your little friend is there to pester you. Keep us posted!! :goodluck:

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Hoping this is the cycle for you!!

Any updates on how you're doing???

ETA: nevermind! I saw your posts over on the cycle thread! Smile