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Thread: On my way to IVF

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    I hope you can overcome your fear of needles. By the end of this, you probably will. Sounds like the suprefact is like lupron. What I always found helpful for me was highlighting the drug off my calendar after I had taken/injected it. That way I knew I did it. There are so many of them if I didn't mark it off right away I'd forget as I was sitting there.

    I hope you are able to make it early for every appt so you don't have to wait long. As if IVF doesn't consume your life enough!

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    It's all overwhelming at first, it really is. Just stay calm and give yourself enough time at the beginning and you will get into a routine really quickly.

    I can't believe they don't give people a schedule to get the blood draws/US! Talk about adding stress to an already stressful situation. I'd be so stressed out if I couldn't get there early enough and had to get to work afterwards. Or what if you have to bring your daughter? I'm sure she won't understand the wait! Bring your coffee or whatever and get there early! Keep us posted.

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    I'm so excited for you! I hope the needle situation get easier for you... I'm glad your early bird arrival worked out so well for you!

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    I know this is way late... But i am on the same protocol with the same drugs. I start the Suprefact on the 14th. I am a bit nervous about the time thing since i will be at the same clinic... Thanks for the heads up. I will be making it to be there at 7 am!

    Hope all went well (didnt see any post about your ER or ET)

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