My wedding anniversary gift (children mentioned)

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My wedding anniversary gift (children mentioned)

This is my anniversary gift from DH. We are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today. He had the ring designed and made. It is the birthstone of our 3 children and the little blue heart is March's birthstone for the baby we lost. I love it!!! It is so beautiful.

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Omg Meg. That is so nice and your DH seems to be such a thoughtful man. U really do have a lot to be thankful for. Happy anniversary to u both

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Happy Anniversary Meg! Nice ring! That was really thoughtful of him.

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Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!! I hope your day was wonderful.

Wow, you have some special DH. Most guys don't think that way. Its a beautiful ring. Congrats!

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Meg, Happy Anniversary!!! What a gorgeous ring and special gift!!

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Happy Anniversary Meg! :bigarmhug: Your ring is so beautiful and the meaning behind it makes it even more special. Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes!

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oh my goodness.....that is beautiful and the meaning is just so heartwarming... and he designed it thoughtful.... you sure are a lucky gal!!

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Happy Anniversary Meg!! That is one beautiful ring!

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OMGoodness!!! What a thoughtful, special gift! I love that it includes a stone for the baby you lost. That brings tears to my eyes. You truly are blessed. Happy Anniversary!

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I can't stop looking at my ring. I love it. DH is probably getting tired of me telling him how much I like it. It is so special to me that he put the March birthstone in there for our baby we lost. I also love that he helped design it. We've had the diamond sitting in storage at the jewelry shop and I kept telling DH that we needed to do something with it because I didn't want them to accidently sell it. He was always going to make me a Mother's ring but we were waiting for when I had a baby so it never got done. Now that we've decided we are done, this was the perfect time. I am so lucky and I think I told DH that a million times yesterday too. Even though I didn't get blessed with a baby, I am blessed in many many more other ways.

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Happy Anniversary Meg. That ring is gorgeous and having your little angel's birthstone is so precious and touching.

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Oh Meg your ring is beautiful you are very lucky sounds like you have a wonderful husband
Happy Anniversary Smile