Need Advice....

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Need Advice....

I have a good friend who was just told that she has so many and such large fibroids that they want to remove her uterus. She doesnt have any children yet. She keeps asking (the military doctors who dont always give you all your options) for other options for treatment so she can still have a possibility of having children and she is getting no where. At this point, her ship is deployed and she was left behind for surgery and if she denys the surgery they will send her back out on deployment. I told her she needs to find a civilian doctor to give her a second opinion....but she only has so much time... would an RE be a place for her start, for consultation? Or who would specialize in that sort of thing that would assist her in the goal of ultimately getting pregnant? Anybody have any experience with that they can share? I am trying to help her by sending her in the right direction. THanks!!

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There are so many other ways to shrink fibroids, everything from hormonal pills, acupuncture, diet, to herbal remedies. Tell her to "google" alternative remedies (I was using RadiantWonder herbs for several years, they do free consults and call you free of charge, extremely nice bunch of ladies who work there).

I'm just a firm believer of trying everything else out first before surgery...

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I think the first thing I'd do is find a civilian doctor. Idk what type of doctor would be the best to start with...a good ob/gyn or an RE. I have no experience with any of that so I can give any advice.

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I don't know anything about fibroids, but oh yes, definitely find another doctor, maybe a few for second opinions! You can't go back after a hysterectomy. I wouldn't rush into that decision at all. Plus as WhiteWolf said, there could be other natural options to try that won't be harmful.

I would probably find an RE-they are the most used to seeing the worst cases and also would be trying to preserve fertility.

I don't know if there are RE's who specialize in fibroids, but it might be worth looking into. If not, I'd just look for someone who seems like they have a lot of surgical specialty, I guess.

What a hard thing for your friend to hear and be dealing with. I hope she can find some hope.