Need advice/input on grading/quality...

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Need advice/input on grading/quality...

When we froze our embryos, I had no idea the quality of anything... I just recieved the report - as we are having our embryos shipped for our upcoming cycle (we moved). The fresh IVF cycle we transferred 3 grade "A" (2) exp. blasts and (1) early blast. We now have two vials of 3 each - Vial #1: Early Blast A, Early Blast B, Blast B and Vial #2:Early Blast A, Early Blast B, pre-blast A/B. Can someone help me decifer what this means? I assume A is good but early blast vs blast vs pre-blast? I was thinking this will be it - we are attempting one FET - should I ask to thaw all and ask them to just choose the best from what is thawed? I am getting kind of nervous now... I had 3 grade A and only 1 pregnancy... I was thinking if I thawed both, I would at least have 2 grade A? Your thoughts? Its not good to "re-freeze" but what if its not successful and I have regrets about not having another vial to thaw? I am 99.9% certain that DH doesnt want to go through this again. We both want another child but its too stressful, we sort of agreed that if it was God's will, it will happen... aaaahhhhhh the stress of infertility and the uncertainty of IVF....

I think being underway - away from my girls and my husband deployed and trying to coordinate this cycle to start when I am rotated off the boat - is more that I thought it would be... typically I can handle these sorts of situations... I know I will be ok, and things will work themselves out... any advice is appreciated! Smile

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I don't know much about grading at all since my clinics didn't tell me the grading. From what I've researched is that each clinic is different in the way they grade. At one clinic "A" can be good and at another it can be bad. Is there a way to contact them and ask them what it means?

It would be a hard decision to decide if you should thaw all of them out. Personally, if it were me I'd thaw 3 out so I'd have 3 more in case it didn't work. But then again, if you were to thaw out all 6, you might get pregnant the first time. Can you ask your RE for advice on this?

I can't imagine trying to plan all of this when you've been away and not having DH with you. I was a nervous wreck trying to coordinate everything.

Sorry I wasn't much help for you. It's so hard to make decisions when it's dependant on the possibility of another child in your life.

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It's been almost a year and a half since my transfer, but if I remember correctly, blast is just the term for a certain stage of development = Blastocyst. Pre-Blast is the stage before blastocyst. Early Blast means that the Blastocyst is just beginning to form.

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I had an early blast and a blast transferred and became pg with twins. The difference in stages is literally just hours, so my doc told me that in the time between grading and transfer, the early blast might already be blastocyst stage.

The point is, I don't think the stage is all that important to whether or not it's a "good" embie. The grading is much more important, and the stage is just informational (i.e., telling you how far along the growth of the embie is). By watching the growth between stages, the lab can tell if the embie growth has slowed or stopped.

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Every clinic grades a little differently. But if something worked on one cycle (The A embies) I would be more willing to try it again.

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I second what everyone has said. Grading is not the same at every lab, so I would definitely call them and ask. I think they deal with this stuff so often that they forget not everybody understands what the heck they are talking about.

Deciding what to thaw is tough. I would probably go big and thaw them all to give myself the best of all the embies to choose from. That's only looking at my own personal situation though, since I would be thinking this would be my last cycle if it worked and if not I would know we took our best shot. Maybe ask the RE if they think there is a better chance of success with 2 cycles of 3 embies or 1 cycle of 6?

It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! It will work itself out though. Life has a funny way of making you think you are losing your mind and then all of a sudden you realize you made it through OK Smile

Good luck!

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I have no information on any of the grading systems and am still new to all of the terminology - this being said, as Brenda stated, I would also go big and keep all chances with me just in case. You went through all of the trouble, the pain and the stress - seems a waste to get rid of them ... they must just be a security blanket you can revert to if ever you want to - why not have it Smile

Good luck with your decision and with the whole process Smile