Need OHSS Help!

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Need OHSS Help!

I had my US today and everything is looking good. I had 18 eggs that were measured >10. I'm still not quite ready so they are going to do one more day of stims and then trigger tomorrow with ER Friday automatically (no more US). They didn't do b/w today so I don't know what my E2 is but they discussed the likelihood of OHSS with me.

They said worst case if things look bad on Friday at ER, they will freeze everything and delay the transfer. Sad I really, really don't want that. (Jenn, I know you had this happen). I asked if there is anything I can do and they said "No, we're the ones doing this to you."

They did say just take it easy and drink Gatorade. Is there anything else at all I can do to help??

After ER, they are going to give me a log to track weight, how much I drink, how much I pee, etc...

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Drink gatorade or vitamin water for electrolytes... and eat a lot of protein. Protein shakes are good. We get the all natural vanilla protein powder and make a shake with that, orange gatorade and vanilla ice cream! Tastes like a creamscicle Smile

*HUGS* I will pray that everything works out.

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I had OHSS and the transfer during my fresh cycle was cancelled. I was given the same advice and eventually the OHSS started to reverse itself. I'm not sure exactly what the turning point was but I remember my liquids were EXTREMELY restricted.
I hope you can prevent it. A month is a long time to wait to transfer!

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I am no help, but I really hope you are spared! A friend of mine was admitted to the hospital immediately after her retrieval and got out the morning of her transfer. They ended up transferring (very hesitantly) 1 embryo. She ended up going back into the hospital the next day for almost 2 weeks. Good news is that she is now 10 weeks pregnant!

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I am so sorry you might be delayed...waiting is the worst. Good luck, I hope you do not get OHSS and can transfer fresh.

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Have you gained any weight yet? Are you bloated? I was bloated by the end of stims - had 33 eggs retrieved but didn't really start to gain all the water weight for a few days...then it was an absolute nightmare. Having the choice I would delay transfer and avoid that hell again. Between the 17 pounds of fluid, looking 8 months pg, being in constant pain, not being able to sleep because you can't breathe or find a comfortable position I would Not want to experience that again. There were no clothes that fit me and NOTHING I did (gatorade, etc) made it any better. It just has to run its course. Yes, delay your transfer stinks but it sounds like the better option. I even discussed doing that with my RE in the event of another fresh cycle. GL :bighug:

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"CCindy" wrote:

Have you gained any weight yet? Are you bloated?

No, I'm the same weight and I feel fine. Uncomfortable from all the eggs/stims but nothing out of the ordinary. I hoping that I keep on track and everything gets worked out.

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Glad that things are going well so far. I hope you can go ahead with transfer!

Just in case anyone is interested for future cycles, my RE did a newer protocol that almost eliminates OHSS. It's an antagonist protocol with lupron trigger. I did IVF twice and got around 30 eggs each time, and didn't get any OHSS. They said they haven't seen any patients get it on this protocol. Just thought I'd mention it. I'm sure there are reasons not to use the protocol as well, but since it's newer I thought it might be helpful to check into it.

Good luck with the transfer! Hope all goes great.

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I forgot to mention on the other thread, but drink lots of protein and eat red meat!!! HUGS!

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