News from Beth (mrsdoolittle) (child mentioned)

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News from Beth (mrsdoolittle) (child mentioned)

Beth told me I could share the news of the birth of her beautiful baby boy. Nash Irby was born on Sun. July 25th at 8:34 pm at 37 weeks 4 days. 7 lb 11.5 oz and 21 in long.

Congrats Beth!!! As I've said it before I'm so exciting and happy for you!!! You and your family truly deserve this special blessing.

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AHHHH!!!!! I've been looking for her on here and wondering where she was!!!

Congrats Beth - I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures of your little man. I'm so happy for you and dh.

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Congrats Beth - so happy for you.

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Congratulations Beth! Can't wait to see pictures of him

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Was wondering how she was doing! How exciting!!! Congratulations Beth! I'm SOO happy for you!

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Perfect sized baby! Congrats mama

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Congrats BETH! Cant wait to see some pics

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Congrtas Beth!! It's been a long road for you and I'm glad that you finally got the happy ending you sooo deserve! :bigarmhug:

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Congrats Beth!

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YAY!!!! OMG - I'm totally crying! Congratulations Beth!!! Yahoo

Hope the birth was uneventful and I'm looking forward to pics of the little guy!

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Yay Beth!!! And welcome, little Nash!! :party:

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Congrats, Beth!! What a great size for being born early!! Can't wait to see pics!! Enjoy EVERY minute!!! Even the 3 am feedings:)

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Congratulations Beth!!! Smile

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Enormous congratulations to you. Enjoy your new little one,



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Oh wonderful news!!!!! I'm so happy for you Beth!
Congratulations on little Nash, can't wait to see pics of the little man (well big man for being early!)
enjoy him!


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Beth congrats I am so happy for you and Dh you both deserve this I guess its true the best things come to those who wait. Can't wait to see pictures Yahoo

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congrats Beth!!!!

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Congrats Beth! I am so excited for you! I hope to find you and see some pictures soon. Smile

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Thank you all so much! I'm just getting back on here and trying to read through threads. Saw this and now I'm crying (happy tears) to read all the congrats. For those who are still waiting for your miracle I hope and pray to be congratulating each of you in the near future.