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I was rereading my instruction sheets this morning and and I totally freaked out because it said that I need to have blood-work and ultrasound on CD 2 or 3 and that I might be given BCP at that time. The nurse said nothing about that yesterday, so I called to make sure. She said that that is not necessary and that my next step is SIS next week. Is this common? I did have the blood-work and ultrasound done on CD 3 in November. At that time they monitored me CD 16 and CD 18 to make sure I am ovulating. I am so confused now :confused:

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I think the BCP are used to help suppress your ovaries, but if you are doing Lupron, that will do the same. Sometimes clinics will do BCP to time things better for them also. They have more control when their pts are on BCP.

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I've been on BCP for over a month, but I'm pretty sure I won't be taking Lupron. Maybe it's either or?

About the CD 3 ultrasound, I think they are making sure that you don't have cysts or anything too before they give you the medications.

I am finding this whole process somewhat confusing too! Haven't even gotten my instructions yet!