Not sure where to go now....

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Not sure where to go now....

DH and I have hit a cross roads and we need to decide what we want to do fertility treatment wise.

(loss ment...)

Last October I had surgery to remove a uterine septum. We are on our third RE now and he thinks this might have been our problem all along.

Before the surgery we had 4 IUIs, 2 of which had chemical pregnancies. I also had one natural pregnancy in there, also a chemical. That was over a period of 5 years.

In February, in just the few months since my surgery, we had a natural pregnancy which was also another early chemical loss. This gave us hope though that something was in fact fixed.

The RE said to come back to him if we hadn't got and stayed pregnant in the 6 months after the surgery. That will be April.

I don't know though - should we try on our own longer? Should we go for more IUIs? Or should we bite the bullet and move right to IVF?

I'm 35 now and not getting younger.

How did you all decide what you wanted to do and when?

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I say go with your gut....not sure who you are with, but I went to an awesome RE in Toronto and got pregnant twice while being monitored with him (no treatments), after another RE told me my only option was IVF with DE.

I hate these moments where you have to choose, and so wish there was a crystal ball you could look into to see what to do.

I am in a somewhat similar spot, I am 42 and my "cut off" date was the end of last year, but my gut tells me to hold out a little longer. Can't explain it - but something tells me (besides my heart) that it isn't quite time to give up yet.

Did your latest RE discuss what his suggested course of action would be, should you need to go back to him? I think meeting with him to discuss this might be worth your while, and may help you decide what you want to do

Good luck with your decision!

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Thanks. I'm with Dr. Michael at Astra. He's really awesome. He is really leaving it up to us as to what we want to do.

Going for IUI is VERY hard with my work schedule. I work a different shift each week, sometimes starting at 7AM, sometimes starting at 4PM. And we all know that our cycles are unpredictable so I may not know until a day or two before when I have to go in (which makes shift trades hard!) I know it would be much harder and more appointments for IVF too....

I just called the clinic to book an appointment and they put me through to a nurse (apparently we have an assigned nurse?) She said that the RE notes say for us to come back 3 cycles after December, which puts us at right now. So, we are booked in 3 weeks. However, they have a cancellation they need to confirm, so we might be in there next week. She did mention though that this RE might let us do un-monitored medicated cycles (such as with Clomid or Femera). I think we might be open to that. I've already done Clomid but maybe I would be willing to try Femera.... I don't respond to meds all that well anyway so it's not like I'm going to hyper-ovulate a ton of eggs and get quads.

I guess I just wait to see what he says or suggests. I know it will probably be meds and IUI for a few cycles with him as we haven't done that at his clinic yet....

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I agree that is definitely your choice. IVF is a lot of work and you must go into the office a lot so I suggest trying to get that settled first. Either way, I wish you the best!

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I'm glad you were able to get an appt sooner than you were expecting. Maybe the RE can help figure out why you are having the CP since you are able to get pregnant on your own. It's a hard decision to know when to do IVF. It sounds like you are making good decisions. If you have to go to IVF it sounds like you have done everything you know you can to get pregnant. We were told IUI wouldn't work but we wanted to try a few cycles before moving to IVF so you could tell ourselves we had done everything we could. Good luck and keep us updated on your appointment

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Thanks everyone.

I think we will try a few more IUIs then re-evaluate. If those don't work then we will have to consider IVF...

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Good luck with your decision. Its a hard one. We did IUI about 4 times and then proceeded to IVF. It was a good decision for us. We had a very hard time conceiving our first and after 2 years trying on our own for number 2, we were ready for something that was likely to work.


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Little late on this thread but thought I'd chime in. I had a little bit different of a situation since I was dealing with tubal damage but even after I knew about that and had the surgery to correct it, I still tried for a year naturally and one try of femara. I had two early m/c/cp's during the 6 months out of surgery. Encouraging, but discouraging at the same time. Meanwhile, my amh came up borderline low I was getting older(almost 37) and I was up against endometriosis that was probably growing back following the surgery to remove it. I practically woke up one morning with total clarity that it was time to do IVF, after struggling for over a year about it. Iui/medicated cycles were not recommended for me at all though, so it was pretty much IVF or quit trying all together in my case.

Since you are already 35, I would probably start being more aggressive before you start running into additional age related issues. My low amh was not my primary problem, but would have made things harder the longer I waited. That was really what made it now or never when I started IVF. My doctor talked all in percentage chance of success which was very blunt to me at the time, but pushed me to make a decision. Maybe your doctor can give you your chances for success that way to help you decidewhat treatment to do.

It is time consuming and everyone seems to handle the work problem differently. You would have to have some time off/flexibility to go through IVF. Are you able to talk to your boss about it? being up front and honest made it a lot easier for me with work.

Wishing you the best of luck. I know you've been around the boards a long time and I hope you have success soon.


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Such a personal decision...all I can give you is my personal experience. I was 35 when we started did 3 iui's and as I look back I wish we would have moved straight to IVF. My H has no issues so it is me and my "old eggs"...without knowing your whole medical history, typically IVF will give you better odds.

Wishing you all the luck, never easy decisions. BTW it is nice to "see" even though I wish we were both on the "other side" Wink

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Just wanted to give you all an update.

I saw the RE yesterday. He already had a plan for us, so that was good. He wants to try three more IUI with meds and I'm ok with that. He thinks we will have much better success this time now that I had the septum removed.

He's putting me on an "overlap protocol" though with meds, which is a little more aggressive. Apparently I do Femara from CD3 for 5 days, but then on CD6 we do Gonal F in small doses. When I have 2-4 follicles ready, trigger, then IUI 36 hours later. I've never seen a IUI protocol using two meds at the same time. Very different.

AF is due this weekend so we start next week!

Also, my sister was recently diagnosed with Celiac. Because she and I both had the same chronic iron issues (anemia due to low iron for 10+ years) and because her iron went up after she stopped gluten, my RE has recommended I stop all gluten asap. The reason is, Celiac is a common undiagnosed cause of infertility. Often when people who have celiac stop gluten, they get pregnant.

So, I figure it can't hurt to stop gluten. Starting today I'm gluten free (and already dying for a donut with my coffee!)

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Thanks for the update. I'm glad the doctor was able to give you options. It's nice that he is being so aggressive with the IUI's instead of just moving straight to IVF. I hope this is the protocol for you. Sorry about the Celiac. I would have the hardest time being gluten free. I hope this helps out though.

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I just wanted to say that I did a very similar protocol to what you described for both of my successful IUIs. We did femara for 5 days and then I did fillistim injections until my follicles looked good and then I triggered and had the iui. I'm very hopeful for you!! I'm always stalking this board and can't wait to see how things go!! Smile

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Thanks girls! I'm feeling hopeful now. I'm not liking the gluten free though, but if it makes my iron go up and helps me get pregnant, I'm all for it!!