Officially done TTC

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Officially done TTC

Today I made an appt with my ob/gyn to get on BCP. I have such horrible PMS so I think this will help with that. I'm also taking spironolactone for acne and that can increase the risk for birth defects so that really got me thinking about BCP. We are hoping it will help increase my sex drive since that has dropped drastically since being off the BCP. That's probably the main reason for going back on them. Last year when I was thinking about making the decision to being done with IF treatments I really focused on the positives of not having a child. So now that I've thought about all the positives I really don't want to get pregnant. Actually, the thought of getting pregnant now scares the crap out of me. I know that this is totally the opposite of what I thought a year ago. It makes me sick to think of how much we spent on IF treatments and now I'm wanting to spend money on BCP. I know the chance of us getting pregnant naturally is pretty slim to nothing, but it can happen and really don't want to take that chance.

I'll still post on this board because I don't think I could ever leave it. I hope to be able to share my experiences with others and help them through whatever they are going through. Thank you ladies for all of your support!! You are absolutely amazing!!

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Meg - I think its really smart to take BCP, especially when you will be on something else that could harm a fetus. I didn't do that and I was taking a daily migraine medicine that has the potential to cause defects. I thought I was safe because I was told it would "never" happen.

ETA - I hope your libido picks up - if so, send me some of it when you get it Wink

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I know it took a lot for you to get to this point. I am proud of you Smile I have seen you go through the fire and back and you are still an awesome person!!!!

Yes, send me some libido too Wink

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I am happy you have found your peace. I am starting to get myself to that place as well. I hate that any of us have to even make a decision like the one you have made. I am happy you plan to stick around, I appreciate your support and knowledge.


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I seriously think that the hormones we take while doing IF treatments affects our libido.. I had great Libido before IF hormones and then it just went out the window.

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Megan, I lurked on your posts and was hoping to see you post your BFP. I'm sorry it didn't work out that way. But I'm glad you found peace with your decision. DH & I have also been having this talk. We have tried for almost 7 yrs to get pregnant. We did everything short of IVF b/c we just couldn't afford it. Best of luck to you!!!

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Meg - I know it wasn't an easy decision to come to, and it's one that DH and I toyed with as well. But I'm glad that you've moved on and are able to enjoy life and maybe, hopefully get to enjoy DTD again!! And please do stay on the boards, because you are always such a good cheerleader and supporter for the rest of us who keep beating our heads against the wall... Smile


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Meg, I'm so glad you are at peace with your decision. It must feel so good to take back control! I am also at the point emotionally where a surprise will put us in a very stressful situation. I just need to figure out an option that works best for us. It feels VERY strange after years of ttc and fertility treatments to actually want to prevent. I hope that the bcp's will help balance out your hormones so you can enjoy that part of your relationship with your husband again.


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Meg - You've been such a great support to all on this board so I'm glad to see you don't plan on leaving us anytime soon. I hope the BCPs help bring your mojo back Wink and give you peace of mind with the other medication you taking.

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I know the decision to not TTC was a hard one. *HUGS* I'm so glad you were able to find peace with your decision.

YEAH for increased sex drive Smile Between that and the new boobs, you are going to have a kick butt summer!!! LOL. All kidding aside, I'm glad you are sticking around!! You'd be greatly missed if you weren't involved in this board! You are such an amazing, strong, knowledgeable, caring woman. Your (and the rest of the ladies on here) words of encouragement keep me going. I really need that right now.


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I'm glad to hear that you've reached a peaceful place in your journey, but I'm also glad you'll still be around. I can't imagine this board without you!

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So sorry Meg, I've been out of the loop (just a little busy here). But I'm happy to hear you are definitive about your decision - that is a great feeling. So funny, back when I was younger and on BCP I felt they decreased my libido. Hoping it does the opposite for you!

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"CCindy" wrote:

So funny, back when I was younger and on BCP I felt they decreased my libido. Hoping it does the opposite for you!

A side effect of BCP is decreased libido but I had a much higher libido when I was on them. Maybe with my POF and hormone levels being out of whack, the boost of hormones in the BCP will help.

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Hi Meg

I know I'm a bit late on this but wanted to say that your decision really takes a lot of courage and self-knowledge and I'm happy that you are at peace with your choice. Even though I'm just beginning my IVF journey, after 5 years TTC it is a decision that I too have thought about having to make a some point down the road. Your DH's children are very lucky to have you as a mother.

As a side note, BCP had an opposite effect on me- on them great libido, off them poor libido. Also, on them no cramps and very light AF. In fact, when we took a break from treatments a few years ago, I considered going back on them because I have very painful AF. I hope they help you too Smile

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I had my appt yesterday and she put me on Natazia. It's a newer BCP. I'm so worried about wt. gain. She said the reason ppl gain wt on BCP is because the progesterone causes hunger. So as long as I watch that I should be fine. It's different than other BCP as the level of progesterone changes in it compared to others where it stays the same. I read reviews online and ppl said it did increase their libido. I hope I don't get other SE like acne or headaches since I'm already prone to them. When I was on all my IVF meds I didn't gain wt, I actually lost wt, so maybe it will be the same for the BCP. Since these are new BCP they are super expensive and we have no prescription coverage. I guess I spent a load of money on IVF so I guess $100/month doesn't matter for BCP. I did get a savings card that says I won't have to pay more than $25/month, so hopefully they run that program for a long time.