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I had my Mock transfer and Sonahystogram today. The Mock wasn't too bad but holy cow did the sona totally SUCK!!! I never,never,never, never want to have that again. I don't remember the HSG hurting very much. I was supposed to go to work after this but there was no way. I called out sick last minute and drove straight home and layed down on the couch. I haven't moved all day. My abdomen is soo sore and tender. I really hope this goes away quickly!!!!!

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Sorry everything was so painful. I don't remember the sonohystogram being so painful. I remember some mild cramping. I remember the HSG hurting pretty bad though. Hopefully after some rest today you'll be good to go tomorrow.

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Yikes! Glad you were able to call off and go home. We didn't do a mock transfer or a sonahystogram (what is that?) but I did have an HSG 3 years ago and that was incredibly painful for me. Afterward I threw up and passed out while trying to get dressed. Yuck.

Sounds like things are moving along for you- yay! xo

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That sounds terrible! We don't do a mock transfer either but we will do the sonar and HSG.....Feel better:icecream:

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I thought the sono was awful and cried through it. I'm glad that is over for you.

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