PIO is a PITA...and other IVF rants

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PIO is a PITA...and other IVF rants

OK, just feeling the need to vent a little bit so I can move on with my day!

DH has been really good with my PIO shots, and most of the time now I don't feel much of anything. Other times, I feel like I'm sitting on a boulder that has been injected into my left cheek.

The 2ww is cruel and unusual punishment. For the price of IVF, they should invent a way to tell immediately if there has been implantation. I don't care if they have to shrink a guy in a submarine and fly him up there to take a look, just figure it out!

What is with these women who "just know" they are preggers? You know the ones who just felt different? I feel crabby right now (obviously), but that is hardly unique to pregnancy. I also feel bloated, but that is either hormone injections ot the fact that I've been taking advantage of eating for three (at least for the last week). What I don't feel is any sort of deep knowledge that I am or am not pregnant.

I have also developed new wrinkles around my eyes from trying to squint hard enough to make a line appear on my (many) FRERs.

And one OT rant-why can DH not put dirty dishes in the dishwasher? It's right next to the sink, you don't even have to walk any further.

I feel so much better getting that off of my chest! Thanks for listening Smile

Anyone else?

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Feel free to vent away!!

I always thought they should put us women in a medically induced coma so we could wake up 2 weeks later and know the results instead of having to obsess and live in misery for 2 weeks. It is the most cruel thing anyone can go through.

Are you doing anything to help ease the pain of the PIO shots? I always put a hot pack on the area before and after the injection and made sure the rub the area. It does get to be a bit much when you are having to inject pretty much in the same areas all the time. When I was going through it I thought for sure there was no way I'd be able to do it for 8+wks.

I don't understand how women can "know" they are pregnant. If I thought every thing think that was different meant I was pregnant, then I'd be pregnant A LOT!

Hope your DH can learn to put dishes in the dishwasher. I do agree, it isn't much harder to do.

Hope you can have a better day Smile

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Brenda, I'm so happy to hear from you. I've been thinking about you a lot.

In response to your post, yes, yes, yes. Did I mention yes? I could have written that myself (except I've only POASed twice - check cycle update thread for details - nothing exciting).

The 2WW is crap, the PIO are crap, in my opinion pretty much everything and everyone are crap right now. Did I mention I was incredibly b!%*#y?

As for those who just "know" they are pg - I'm going to call bull$hit and say they are delusional. Hope I don't hurt any feelings, but boy howdy, am I in a bad mood!

Just remember Brenda, the 2WW will be over eventually, and if we get BFPs, this $hit will all be worth it. Of course, that would start a whole bunch more $hit, but at least there'd be a new little person we'd have to show for our troubles.

Hang in there.


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BRENDA!! Remember me? I seriously have not been on this board in months and I just popped on today and saw your screen name! I think we had our ER the same day almost 4 years ago.

Good luck with the 2ww! I was never a girl that "knew". In fact I always "knew" that I wasn't pg, even the two times I was (we have a little 4 month old IVF girl)! I will definitely be stalking this board now!

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Carolyn - I am LMAO at you!! That cracked me up-probably because we are sounding so much alike right now. Its a good thing we are in different states, otherwise they prob couldn't handle both of our hormonal selves. And we are doing this by choice?!? Too bad I can't drink right now...

Kim - It's so good to hear from you! It feels like yesterday we both did this for the first time, doesn't it? I am so happy for you and your family. I know it was rough for a bit, but it sounds like everything is awesome now. Congrats on your house full of craziness!

Meg - You're great! You have the sweetest, calmest energy. I do heat and massage for my PIO and that helps, but honestly most nights I don't even need to do that anymore. My body has given up on reacting to needles. Luckily if my beta is positive, I can move on to Crinone.

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Brenda and Carolyn - ROFL You guys are making me laugh so hard - and I swear it's not AT you, but just making me remember how just plain B*TCHY I was during the tww, and how mean I was to my poor DH, who just stood there and took it. He would turn around and almost run away from me when he saw me coming, carrying a sock or something, knowing he was about to get chewed out for leaving laundry on the floor or whatever.

I am so sorry that you feel so crabby, and I hope you get to move on to Crinone soon Brenda (although that comes with its own, um, challenges...). I can't wait to see the BFPs come rolling in pretty soon!!!! Smile

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I'm with Christi on this one...you two are making me laugh. I always wondered about those women who "knew," too. I was at the opposite end of the spectrum; after a few years of BFN I think anyone would assume they "weren't" until proven otherwise. I hope to see some BFPs on here soon!

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Love it...you guys are awesome and I know your pain!! Ugh, I can't believe I will be in your place in about a month or so...

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I'm glad someone's laughing!!! Things are a little calmer for me today, but this is a roller coaster that I'm ready to convert into a slow motion merry-go-round.

Yes, Rachel, you'll be just like us verrry soon. (insert evil laugh)

Christi - You made me laugh out loud for the first time in a week! Thank you! I really needed that!

Brenda - I think it would be the most awesome thing ever if we lived in the same town! We could combine our powers and make some lasting impressions on people! Yes, too bad about the no drinking. But DH's 20th reunion is the day of my beta, so if it's bad news, it's bottoms up!


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Carolyn and Brenda: I just want to reiterate what everyone else said... you guys crack me up Smile Oh man... I'm sooo not looking forward to the progesterone again and I'm sure DH isn't either. LOL... thank goodness he puts up with it Smile