please help me!!! m/c mentioned

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please help me!!! m/c mentioned

ok so i am o confussed when do i count as my first cycle day . last Wednesday was the first day i saw any blood in discharge but i did not start bleedig till monday of this week and it is my first af after m/c so if i count the first day of sight of any blood would be 27 days but if i count it as firt day of a flow would be 32 days what do i count .

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Sorry for your loss.
What kind of bleeding was it? Was it bleeding or spotting? My doctor told me to always count cd1 the first day of bright red blood.

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I'm so sorry for your loss... :bighug:

My dr's always told me that the first day of full flow (not spotting), as long as it began before 5pm, would be considered CD1.

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Before 5pm. Bright red blood. Sorry for your loss Sad

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As the other ladies said, the first day of full bleeding. I must have missed your post earlier, so you are starting IVF this cycle? Welcome

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I'm so sorry for your m/c.

Have you considered the ttc after a loss board? Or the pregnancy loss board?

I'n not meaning to be cheeky, but trying to point you in the direction of the best support for you. Are you doing IVF?

Take care,