Poor estrogen response to FSH

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Poor estrogen response to FSH

Hi Ladies,

First I wanted to say thanks so much for all the encouragement with my anxiety over giving myself the shots - they are going really well! Unfortunately, I've been having a really slow response to the FSH shots. After my first bloodwork my E2 was way below even the low range so my gonal F dose was doubled (300IU now and for the rest of the week). My E2 is finally starting to increase so really hoping this is working now. One thing the RE mentioned is the poor response could be caused by something autoimmune as my baseline FSH was fine before treatment was started so the poor response was unexpected. Does anyone know anything about ovarian antibodies? Or have any other suggestions of what could be going on? Or stories about how such a slow start turned out great?


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i dont have any stories just words of encouragement. everyones body is different hang in there!

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I've never heard of autoimmune issues causing a poor ovarian response, but then again, I'm not a doctor! On my second IVF cycle, I had a poor response initially, they upped my Gonal-F and I stimmed for 15 days. They retrieved 12 eggs and 10 fertilized. We had 8 make it to Day 5 and transferred 3. It was a BFN for me because I had poor egg quality, but they say that slow and steady wins the race! Good luck!!!

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Sorry, I don't know anything about the antibodies issue. But I agree with Christi - I've heard that slow and steady is sometimes a good thing. I always responded really fast, but then what they retrieved tended to be not mature and of poor quality. So I think a slow start isn't necessarily bad, as long as your little follies do start responding over time.

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I don't know anything about it, but like others have said everyone's different and some are slow responders at the beginning.
Good luck!