Puregon question

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Puregon question

Hi Ladies,

Thought I would post here although I am not doing IVF -- I have just started last night injections to do with IUI (we were rejected from the IVF program) and am wondering if any of you are on Puregon. If you are, what were your side effects?

My throat started to swell a little (feels like a sore throat without the sore part) and am wondering if any of you have had the same side effect.


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I've never been on Puregon so I can't help you. Hopefully someone here will have some advice or experience with it. Good luck!

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I've never heard of it before, I'm sorry. Have you talked to your RE since you started experiencing it?

Just curious - why were you rejected from IVF?

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Thanks for the replies. I had an appt today and spoke with my dr and she said that since the swelling is not getting worst that it is ok - if it gets worst then I am to go in.

Not sure why I am on Puregon - just the one they picked. Seems to be working so far for folly growth.

We were rejected from IVF because I am in that small percent that is subject to bad reactions and felt I was too high risk Sad So we are doing injections with IUI as IUI with Clomid worked in the past (got preg but miscarried).

Thanks again for your replies - greatly appreciated.

All the best to you!