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we went to the dollar store today and curiosity of the best of me so I bought a preg test. When we got home I had to go so I figured heck why not. well it was BFN. I am 7dp3dt so that means I am not pregnant right. should I just stop all the meds or keep doing them until I go get my blood tested this up coming thursday?

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Definately keep taking your meds honey. Its going to be a long 1ww I know.

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No! it does not meant that! I took one at 7dp3dt and it was blazing negative I was so devastated! I thought for sure i wasn't pregnant and practically gave up! But here I am now 18 weeks preggers with twins! its waaaaaaayy too early to give up hope!

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(pg mentioned)

WAY too early! Don't give up!

For this pg, I used $ Store tests...BFN's. On 8 or 9 dp3dt, I used the "new" FRER instead and got a BFP, so I do not believe all the hype about $ Store being more sensitive...they weren't for me.

Good luck!! Keep testing! Or don't test until beta if it makes you crazier.

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Way too early!!! Keeping taking your meds and doing what your doing.

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Keep taking those meds and test again if you want in a few days.

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Absolutely stay on your meds! Everyone is different and some ppl don't get BFP until 12-14 dpt. If I were you (the poas addict that I am) I would test again in a couple days. GL!! KUP

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It's definitely too early. Don't stop your meds until your doctor tells you to.
I tested at 10dpo with a FRER and it was negative and, at 12dpo I got a faint, faint line.
When's your beta?
Good luck!

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Well, lots of people have said it, but just to echo - it's way early... don't give up hope! Lots of people don't get their BFPs til a few days after 7dp3dt. Crossing my fingers for you!!

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Way to early - keep those tests locked away at least for another 5 days.

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Wayyyyy to early! Keep taking your meds girly!

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I hope It was just to early. I am still taking the meds.

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*pg ment*

It was definitely too early. I didn't get a positive until 6dp5dt (11dpo) and I had TWINS and I was testing every day. So, it's not like I just didn't test at 10dpo, I tested and got a negative, and then tested at 11dpo and got a positive. SO, it's too early!

Do you have any symptoms?

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Hang in there girl, we're all pulling for you! :bigarmhug: