Question (might be TMI)

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Question (might be TMI)

Question regarding sex before and after embryo transfer...

Might seem like a strange question but DH and I were discussing our plans when he comes home for his 2 weeks R/R from Afghanistan. He is not exactly sure of his departure or arrival time but his best guess based on the info they are giving him is just days before the transfer. This is good in that he will be here for the transfer BUT... after not seeing my DH for 6 months of course we want to "spend time" together but still I dont want to do anything that could jeapordize our chances and I was on google (yeah I know) and it was saying that your uterus contracts and it could negatively impact the chances ... but I dont know what the window is 24-48 hours, more? Anyone get any info from their RE? Def a question I forgot to ask LOL

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No advice or experience with that but I hope that the "timing" works out for you. Could you call the clinic and ask? I had to call the clinic last week myself about the same issue. It was super embarrassing but the nurse knew exactly what I was asking before I even got the question out. ROFL

ETA: I asked about post transfer DTD. They said that normally you should wait a week but that's just for mental reasons :shrug: Apparently there is no physical reason to wait that long but they don't want people freaking out if they do it earlier than that (which DH did until I talked to the nurse). The only time they specifically told us not to DTD was between the trigger and the retrieval.

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No clue because we never made it far enough to ask that question, but all modesty flies out the window after all those RE visits. I doubt you could come up with a question that the nurses haven't heard. I'd just call and ask.

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My RE's always said no DTD for the time between transfer and beta if I'm rememberig correctly. I'd call the clinic and ask since every clinic is different.