RE wants us to do IVF
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Thread: RE wants us to do IVF

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    Default RE wants us to do IVF

    Hi all new to this board and hoping to get some good info...

    A little about me:
    Married for 12 yrs I am 37 and my husband is 40. We both went through testing and both normal, so I guess we are classified as unexplained infertility.

    I have done the following:
    150mg Clomid and IUI
    200mg clomid and IUI
    this last month 250mg clomid and 4 days of 150/Follistim and IUI

    I go tomorrow to see RE as it will be 14 days since my last IUI. Started having some brown CM today so I am sure I am soon to start.

    How extensive is the process, what happens during the process...would love to hear your story...


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    Welcome to the board! You have found a nice group of ladies that are very supportive. I hope your journey is a short and happy one.

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    Welcome to the group. I hope that your appointment went well today the and the decision was not to dificult for you guys.
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    Motherhood after Infertility

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    Welcome - Good Luck and we have all been in your shoes.
    Married - 12 yrs
    Me - 37 DH - 36
    IVF #1 - Chemical - transfer 3
    IVF #2 - No follicles retrieved
    IVF #3 - Low Beta

    8/1/10 - New adventure Adoption.
    12/1/10 - All paper work complete waiting for match
    1/28/11 - Match - It's a BOY
    2/21/11 - Match cancelled due to medical condition of little guy
    6/22/11 - Match #2 will know sex July 6- GIRL
    8/26/2011 - Baby girl born - Chloe Victoria Wiscott

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