Reality is sinking in!!!

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Reality is sinking in!!!

AHH I just brough home by big box of Meds!! This is really, truly happening!! For the last year we have been talking about it but I can't believe its really happening! >>

I forgot in the last 3 years how overwhelming the box of meds can be!! As soon as I put DS down for a nap I must get organized!!!

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eeeekkkkk!!! Very excited for you!!

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I always got so excited when my meds came. It made everything feel so real. I agree, it is very overwhelming to have a giant box of meds. I was always so scared I was going to do something wrong. I think we all establish our own system for our meds. I always highlighted the med on my calendar after I did it. Good luck! I can't wait to follow your progress.

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Good luck! I remember the excitement when the big box arrived. I always took pictures.

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It's all very exciting, isn't it?! So cool. Good luck moving forward!

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I'm super jealous that you have your meds already. I think my protocol has me going straight from BCP to the Follistim :shrug: Hope it's an easy go for you!