Really Bizarre Question

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Really Bizarre Question

So my boss brings me into her office today and tells me she has a private question for me. She asks me if the hormones that I've been taking can affect the people around me (like how girls that spend a lot of time together get on the same menstrual cycle) b/c she has had her period for 6 weeks straight. I wouldn't think so, especially since the hormones are to prevent (not start) a period. What a weird conversation to be having with my boss. :eek: Any thoughts?


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YES, weird period - lol

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That is pretty bizarre. I would have to say no...the hormones would not affect her. I think she should be asking her doc, not you.

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My thought is that your boss is odd and asks too many questions, LOL! Seriously, that is just funny that she asked that.

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Seriously!? That must have been soooo awkward! ROFL

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I would hate to have that convo with my boss! lol! On a side note, my friend has been hanging out with me a lot lately and I was taking Provera to bring on my period and she ended up starting hers like a week early because of me haha!

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That is weird, but 20 bucks she thinks you are really experienced in the area since you have been through alot and just wanted to see if you had advice for her. Everyone that I know thinks I am a hormone vajay jay expert.

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ROFL What an odd duck. I bet she was just hoping you'd have some insight since you've been through so much in the girly department. Is this the same weird boss you've had for a while? I wonder if your boss will experience morning sickness with you?!

Your beta is coming up, right? Are you going to cheat and do a HPT? :p:D

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Weird period AND weird boss! But she probably does consider you an expert...aren;t we all semi-professional RE's these days?? And nurses?

Good luck on your upcoming beta!!!!!!!

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"annierose" wrote:

Your beta is coming up, right? Are you going to cheat and do a HPT? :p:D

Beta is Friday and I have to work that day so I will test before so I can know and prepare myself. I promised myself that I wouldn't test until Thursday. I have 3 HPT's tempting me so I had DH hide them in the house somewhere and I told him not to tell me where until Wed night. Smile

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