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Hi all. Sorry I've been MIA- just processing everything. Our Beta came back negative on Wednesday. I took a HPT that morning with DH so we could be together for the results- so I wasn't even that upset when the nurse called. If I'm completely honest- I had a bad feeling from the ET on because we had a 3dt and our embies were only 4 cells. None of our leftover embies made it to freeze so we'll have to start from scratch again. It's really difficult, especially since we got 32 eggs at the ER and are still left with nothing. The thought of going though the entire process again, mostly from the emotional perspective , is hard get my head around. We are going to do a 2nd cycle- either nov or dec. We have our follow up with RE on Oct. 11th so I'm curious to see what he says. Still thinking of everyone else cycling right now.

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I am so sorry. Hugs.

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I'm so sorry. Big hugs. Please don't give up hope yet. As crazy as it sounds, the whole process is just a "guess and test" at times. Your RE will be able to see what worked and what didn't and tweak things accordingly. Take time for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Considered yourself hugged! If you need someone to talk to who as BTDT, please don't hestitate to PM or email me.

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I'm so sorry :bighug: Jenni is completly right about the guess and test. I always say the first cycle should be discounted because the RE doesn't know how you are going to respond and how things are going to go. They can make changes from here. It's good to take a little break between cycles to put yourself back together emotionally and physically. I remember going through all of my cycles and thinking there was no way I could go through everything I went through again. I always thought the time from ER to fert report and the 2WW was the most torturous. But then when another cycle came around I was excited.

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So sorry Meg! Thinking about you....

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I'm so sorry! :bighug:

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Thanks for your kind words ladies. Today is the first day I am feeling hopeful. Now we know what to expect for the next one and hopefully, our RE got enough information to help improve things for next time. I was thinking we were only going to take one cycle off, but my brother is getting married on Dec. 8th and if my next period starts on time, the ER would be too close to the wedding for comfort. So we'll mostly likely wait until my cycle start in the middle of November to start BCP (If that's what protocol I use again...) and go again. That does put out ER close to Christmas, but that's ok, I'll be on Winter Break so hopefully I won't have to take as much time off work this time. Plus, I love that time of year and maybe it will make the 2ww fly by (yeah right....).

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:bighug: I am sorry. I can't even imagine how hard it is. As the girls mentioned, RE can make changes and hoping that you can get a BFP for christmas.

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It's good that you are thinking of the future. It does take time to process all of this. Take your time and grieve the loss of this cycle.

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The average young person has to go through the whole IVF thing twice, and many people 3 times, before they are successful. It is a numbers game. I really wonder with 32 eggs if they got mature ones or what, but that seems abnormal. I would definitely talk to your RE about why she thinks the cycle did not work. And it is such a hard process, I know I spent my whole cycle saying I would never do it again. However, compared to IUI, IVF does offer the best chance of results. Hope you get your 2013 baby after all!!


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So sorry to hear it didn't work this time. I agree with what the other girls said about the doctors learning more with each IVF cycle. One of my friends told me before I started my first cycle that she considered the first one a trial run (her 1st IVF failed). Not that it makes it any less devastating. My doctor changed my dosages for my second IVF and also recommended that I take DHEA 3x/day to improve egg quality. You might want to ask your doctor about that. I also took some other "superfoods" for the month or two previous to my second IVF, but since my doctor said to stop any supplements I stopped those before starting stims again.

I also took a bit of time to recuperate and try to enjoy life a bit before starting round 2. It really is difficult to go through all of that only to have to do it again. Good luck to you.


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