Saline Contrast U/S results

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Saline Contrast U/S results

Hi everyone,
So I had my saline contrast U/S today. Here are all the details. I don't blame you if you skip to the end! Wink First off they were running behind, which just makes nerves even worse. The waiting room was full of people. People like me and you... it made me sad to see all the people that have to go through this. Anyhow, I finally went back. It was pretty uncomfortable. Ive never had HSG (just the chromotubation during surgery), but I imagine it is similar to this procedure. So they put the speculum in and then tried to place the catheter. They could not get it in because my uterus is retroverted and tilted to the left. It took 3 attempts and they had to change the type of catheter... but they finally got it in. It was pretty uncomfortable. It felt like it went all the way to my belly button. So basically, they were looking for the inter-uterine fibroid. He was almost positive I would need another surgery...but I DONT!!!! Yahoo He said that it does not impact the uterus the way that he thought it looked from the surgical photos. He said as long as DH's SA comes back good that we are good to move ahead. He said that we can start our first round of IUI in my next cycle. That would be NOVEMEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blob3: I started tearing up in there because I was so happy!!!

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Sounds like you got great news today!! Sorry you had to go through all of that to get the good news. Good luck with your IUI. Keep us updated!

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Awesome! Sounds like you had the same issue as I did with my hsg with catheter. We may be doing IUI at the same time Smile